Cornwall SDG Paramedics Deploy COVID-19 Response Team

Posted On Thursday April 30, 2020

Cornwall SDG Paramedic Services’ COVID-19 Response Team is now conducting tests in long-term care homes.

The COVID-19 Response Team is made up of 18 paramedics, including three community paramedics, all of whom can be deployed in three separate response units.

“Paramedics have been testing vulnerable residents for COVID-19 through the Community Paramedicine Program since the beginning of the pandemic,” said Chief Bill Lister. “Paramedics who volunteered to be part of the Response Team received additional training and will proactively test groups identified by the Eastern Ontario Health Unit.”

The Response Team is testing staff and residents in long-term care homes, as part of a province-wide initiative to proactively test residents in vulnerable areas, and can test other paramedics who become symptomatic.

The team has completed training in the swabbing process, proper care of the sample, and the transportation requirements as set out in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act.

“I’m proud to know paramedics are leading the way with crucial and proactive testing,” said Mayor Bernadette Clement. “When we ask you to stay home, wash your hands, and respect restrictions, it’s with frontline workers like paramedics in mind. Together we are helping keep them safe while they do the essential work of testing for COVID-19.”

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