Garbage bag limits start Monday, April 1

Posted On Monday March 25, 2019

Waste reduction is no joke!

Starting Monday, April 1, 2019, the City of Cornwall is changing the way waste is collected.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Single-family homes may only put out 6 bags of garbage, or 3 containers of garbage, every week. All waste items must be placed in a bag or container. No loose items will be collected.
  2. Bulk waste will no longer be collected at the curb. Residents may instead bring large waste items directly to the landfill. The City will shortly provide a list of pre-qualified business owners who collect large items.
  3. Residents can set out an unlimited amount of recycling each week for collection. For more information on what can be recycled, please click here (


What happens if I set out more than 6 bags of garbage or 3 containers of garbage?
An “oops” sticker will be placed on your additional bags or containers of garbage. Your additional garbage will not be collected. There is no fine for setting out too much garbage, however, additional bags and containers must be removed from the curb until the next collection day.

Why are these changes taking place?
The City of Cornwall is looking to extend the life of the landfill at 2590 Cornwall Centre Road, which may be full by 2030. Residents are encouraged to recycle, compost, reduce, reuse, and limit the waste they produce. Together, Cornwall residents can limit their impact on the environment.

Is recycling mandatory?
Recycling is not mandatory, but it is strongly encouraged. Recycling helps divert waste from our landfill, which may be full by 2030. Residents can purchase recycling bins at City Hall, 360 Pitt Street.

What if I live in a building with several units, like an apartment?

Buildings with 6 units or less may put out 6 bags or 3 containers of garbage per unit every week. Buildings with 7 units or more are limited to one large 95 gallon (360 litre) cart of garbage per two units each week. An unlimited amount of recycling will be collected each week. For more information, please speak to your building manager or landlord. 

Will there be amnesty days for times of the year where I may have more garbage?
Yes, the City plans on offering amnesty days twice a year, with one day possibly taking place after Christmas. An amnesty day would allow residents to set out more garbage than 6 bags or 3 containers. Stay tuned for more information.

Does the size of my family affect my garbage collection limit?
No. Every household may set out the same amount of garbage every week: 6 bags or 3 containers.

How can I reduce the amount of garbage I set at the curb?
Residents can start by recycling more products and purchasing fewer disposable items. Residents who are interested in waste reduction ideas can fill out the following survey: click here.

I have more questions about these changes. Who can I speak to?
You can call 613-937-1777 to speak with someone from the waste management team or email them at . You can also visit City Central at the Chamber of Commerce Spring Show to chat with City staff face to face!


For more information about garbage and recycling collection in Cornwall, please click here.

For the waste collection calendar, please click here.

For results from a 2018 survey about waste collection changes, please click here. 

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