Meet the limit!

Posted On Monday October 19, 2020

This Waste Reduction Week (October 18 to 24), take some time to prepare your family for the new waste limit of 4 bags (or 2 cans).

You can meet the limit by reducing what you buy, reusing what you can, and recycling as much as possible.

  • Do not: buy single-use plastics like bags, straws, bottles, and plastic wrap
  • Do: try reusable alternatives like metal straws and beeswax food wraps

  • Do not: “wish-cycle” (recycle things you are not sure can be recycled)
  • Do: use the Recycle Coach app to ensure you’re sorting your waste effectively

  • Do not: put dangerous materials in the garbage
  • Do: use the household hazardous waste depot

  • Do not: put branches or yard waste in the garbage
  • Do: participate in leaf, branch, and yard waste collection

  • Do not: throw away items that can be reused
  • Do: donate them to thrift stores, or offer them for free on sites like Kijiji and Facebook

  • Do not: purchase “fast fashion” or items that are cheaply made and will break easily
  • Do: purchase from thrift stores and companies whose products will last many years

  • Do not: throw away textiles like used clothing and bedding
  • Do: donate reusable textiles to thrift stores, or participate in Cornwall Gives A Shirt

  • Do not: throw away food, when possible
  • Do: make meal plans, cook reasonable portion sizes, and use an indoor or backyard composter

  • Do not: purchase food with lots of plastic packaging
  • Do: purchase in bulk when possible

Follow the Waste Reduction Action Group on Facebook for more tips!

Does the City offer a compost collection program?
Not yet! The City is currently working with a consultant on a Municipal Organic Collection and Processing Feasibility Study, which will help us plan for a possible “green bin” or other organic waste program.

Why does waste reduction matter?
As the landfill nears the end of its life, it’s more important than ever that we are careful about what we throw away. Closing the landfill – and potentially opening a new one – will be extremely costly. Together, we can make the most of this precious resource.

Where can I purchase a recycling bin?
Recycling bins are sold at cost ($5.80) at City Hall, and are also available at hardware stores throughout the community. City Hall is located at 360 Pitt Street and is open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Residents may also use reusable containers or cardboard boxes to set out their recycling.

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