Now at the landfill: a fREe store!

Posted On Wednesday December 02, 2020

Now at the landfill: a fREe store!

The City of Cornwall is proud to offer a new service at the landfill, located at 2590 Cornwall Centre Road.

Cornwall residents may now drop off – and pick up – gently used items like furniture, tools, reusable renovation materials, etc. These items are set up in a sea-can container depot at the landfill.

Please note that the fREe store is for reusable items only.

“We see so many items being discarded at the landfill that are in ‘like new’ condition and have lots of life left in them. Our goal is to divert these items away from the landfill make the valued items available to our residents to pick up for free,” said Dave Kuhn, Acting Waste Management Supervisor. “As the program grows in popularity we’re hoping to offer a wide range of items from housewares for new families starting out to building materials for those backyard projects.”

How do I get to the fREe store?
When you get to the landfill, drive to the weigh scale and let the operator know that you’re looking to access the fREe store. The operator will direct you.

Why should I use the fREe store?
As the landfill reaches the end of its life, it is more important than ever to properly manage this resource. If you are looking to get rid of items that still have life in them, please make them available to other residents who can use them.

Is there a limit to how much I can pick up or drop off?
Please use common sense and be respectful – pick up only what you need, and drop off only what can be reused. Staff will be on site to manage the fREe store.

Where else can I donate my gently used items?
There are several thrift stores in Cornwall, many of which support non-profit organizations.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?
Please call the Waste Management Division at 613-937-1777.

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