Four-bag Limit Enforcement Begins February 1

Posted On Monday February 01, 2021

Enforcement of the four-bag or two-can garbage limit begins February 1.

This means any garbage set out beyond the limit must have a tag, or it will be left at the curb.

Tags are currently available at several locations:

  • Landfill - 2590 Cornwall Centre Road
  • Pop Shoppe - 101 Emma Avenue
  • Short Line Convenience - 1300 Second Street West
  • Fence Depot - 3045 Pitt Street
  • City Hall (currently closed due to COVID-19)

Click here to learn more about bag tags.

The four-bag or two-can limit was originally introduced in 2020. On April 5, the limit will be further reduced to two bags or one can per household per week.

“So many homes in Cornwall are already meeting the two-bag limit,” said Acting Waste Management Supervisor Dave Kuhn. “We’re happy to chat with any family who is struggling to meet the limit and would like some tips and tricks to reduce their waste.”

Families are encouraged to:

  • Recycle using the Recycle Coach app,
  • Reduce the amount of waste they bring into their home by shopping responsibly,
  • Reduce their food waste by meal planning and eating leftovers,
  • Fixing, donating, or repurposing items instead of throwing them away,
  • Taking a look at their waste to see where changes can be made.

“Enforcement of the four-bag limit is another step in the series of changes we’re making to extend the life of the landfill,” said Kuhn. “My team has been meeting with large families from a safe distance over the last few months. They’re making small changes in their day-to-day life – and these small changes added up amount to a big difference.”

Click here to learn more about waste collection in Cornwall.

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