Winter safety: Keep children clear of snowbanks at roadway

Posted On Wednesday January 12, 2022

The City of Cornwall is reminding residents to keep children away from snowbanks and from building snow tunnels near roadways.

Snowbanks are very appealing for children looking for a fun place to play. With deaths reported in past winters from tunnels collapsing on children, and causing suffocation, the message of the dangers associated with children tunneling into snowbanks bears repeating once more.

The dangers are many - children could become trapped if snow tunnels collapse. City workers and contractors clearing snow could unknowingly close of a tunnel entrance or the wing of a snowplow could easily strike a child.

"Parents are strongly encouraged to monitor their children’s outdoor activities to ensure that they are not putting themselves in harm’s way,” said Tommy Sauve, Safety, Training and Operations Supervisor. "Take the time and talk to your child about the dangers of tunnelling into snowbanks and the risks they face should a tunnel collapse."

Snow plow operators cannot always see youngsters playing inside a tunnel at the end of a driveway.

Tips for Safe Snow Fun
- Build snow forts well away from the road
- Build tunnels that don't have ceilings
- Build a snow fort or tunnel with a friend so one of you can go for help if needed
- Always tell an adult when and where you're going to build a snow fort or tunnel


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