No Joke! Remember Winter Parking Restrictions on April 1

Posted On Tuesday March 30, 2021

The forecast on April Fool’s Day features snowfall.

While the winter parking restriction period typically wraps up March 31, the City of Cornwall would like to remind residents that their vehicles should not be parked on the street overnight – no matter when the snowfall event takes place.

“Plow operators will be out to clean up after this unusually late snow event,” said Kevin Duchesne, Roads Supervisor. “Your cooperation makes a big difference. Please park off the street from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. so we can clear the roads efficiently.”

Section 12 of the City’s Traffic and Parking By-law does allow for the enforcement of winter parking restrictions outside the typical period (November to March).

“No person shall park a vehicle or permit a vehicle to remain parked on any highway:

  • So as to interfere in any manner with the work of removing snow or ice therefrom or the clearing of snow therefrom, or
  • In such manner so as to interfere with highway cleaning operations.”

Residents with questions about winter parking restrictions can contact Municipal Works at 613-932-5354.

Remember to drive with caution during and after a snowfall.

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