Diapers exempt from two-bag limit

Posted On Wednesday March 24, 2021

Families with young children – take note!

Diapers are exempt from the two-bag limit, which starts on April 5. Here’s how it works:

  • Residents should set out diapers in clear plastic bags.
  • These bags will not count towards their limit.
  • The bags should only contain diapers – no other waste is accepted.
  • Residents do not need to apply for this exemption – everyone is eligible.

“We asked for feedback from large families this winter. What could we do to help them meet the two-bag limit?” said Dave Kuhn, Waste Management Supervisor. “Diapers were consistently mentioned.”

Other residents who have medical waste due to health conditions should contact the waste management division for a medical exemption application form. Once complete, this form will provide residents with additional bag tags. The form is only for those who cannot meet the two-bag limit. Email wm@cornwall.ca or call 613-937-1777.

“The privacy and dignity of our residents is most important,” said Kuhn. “We will provide bag tags to those who have medical conditions that lead to extra waste.”

All other residents should continue to take advantage of diversion programs like:

If all else fails, residents can purchase bag tags at locations across the City.

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