Summer by-law reminders

Posted On Wednesday June 05, 2019

The City of Cornwall would like to remind its residents of the following by-law items.

Municipal by-laws are sanctioned by City Council to promote harmony and respect among City residents and to protect their health, safety, and general quality of life.


Grass Cutting

The City of Cornwall’s Yard Maintenance By-law (#2013-212) requires that private property owners keep their yards free of waste and maintain the grass so it does not exceed six inches in height. Failing to maintain your grass may result in the City doing so on your behalf and invoicing the costs plus administrative charges against your municipal tax account.


City Boulevards

Residents are also required to maintain City boulevard grass to the same standard as that on their private property. A boulevard is generally municipally-owned land between the roadway and the private property line. Please call 613-930-2787 ext. 2310 with any questions.


Dog Tags

Residents must purchase a tag for their dog(s). The City of Cornwall offers a discounted $35 dog tag to encourage spaying or neutering your pet, otherwise, the tag is $60 for unaltered dogs. Please spay or neuter your pet – it is the responsible thing to do. Please click here to learn more about where to purchase dog tags.


Yard Sales

The yard sale season is finally upon us. Residents are permitted two yard sales between the months of January and December in a given year. One weekend-long (Saturday and Sunday) sale counts as one yard sale. Items being sold must be the personal items of the seller. Trash to Treasure weekend will not be included in the two yard sale limit (please click here for more information about Trash to Treasure). The fine for exceeding the limit is $305.



Littering on public and private property is prohibited. Please show some pride and caring for your City: do not litter. The City of Cornwall’s by-law department relies on the public to report violations. Please call 613-930-2787 ext. 2310 to report littering. The fine for littering is $205.


For more information about property standards, please click here.

For a complete list of by-laws, please click here.

To report a by-law infraction, please click here.

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