Be Ready for Anything

Posted On Monday May 03, 2021

The City of Cornwall is encouraging residents to embrace this year’s Emergency Preparedness Week slogan: Be Ready for Anything.

“This community is no stranger to emergencies,” said Mayor Bernadette Clement. “Think beyond our current COVID-19 emergency – we have dealt with major power outages, the 1998 ice storm, and significant fires.”

Everyone plays a role in responding to emergencies – and everyone should do what they can to be prepared.

In recognition of Emergency Preparedness Week, which takes place May 2 to 8, please make time to:

    1. Know the risks: discover the top ten significant hazards for Cornwall. Plan for those risks, by asking about the emergency plan at your work and your child(ren)’s daycare or school.
    2. Make a plan: decide where you will go if you need to evacuate. Choose an out-of-area contact who can help family members stay in touch. Don’t forget to plan for your pets.
    3. Get your kit together: every household should have a bag or bin of supplies in case you need to protect in place or evacuate. Learn more about what should be in your kit
      1. Get a USB stick or backup hard drive to save your most important information like insurance and identification documents. Put that information in your kit – and make sure you update it regularly.

City of Cornwall staff actively prepare and plan for emergencies, too. Check out the emergency plan, which helps staff respond to our community’s needs in case of emergency.

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