Smoke Alarms saves residents' life

Posted On Tuesday November 07, 2023

The Cornwall Fire Services responded to a fire at 1831 Shearer Avenue earlier this morning at around 5:30 a.m.

No injuries have been reported. The residents were awakened by the sound of their smoke alarms and able to exit the building without incident.

A fire investigation into the cause of the fire is currently underway, although early assessments seem to be pointing to lithium-ion battery charging.

The Cornwall Fire Service would like to remind residents of the importance of purchasing ULC or CSA approved devices for use in their homes.

The Cornwall Fire Service would also like to remind residents to ensure they have working smoke alarms and to have a fire escape plan in place in case of emergencies.

Anyone experiencing symptoms of smoke inhalation should call 911 right away. Symptoms of smoke inhalation includes coughing, coughing up blood or black mucus, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath and/or burning eyes.

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