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Social Media

The City of Cornwall maintains a presence on a number of social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

On Facebook, the City maintains an Official Page with roughly 6,000 members with as well as a Group Page with roughly 4,500 members.

Click here to visit the Official City of Cornwall Facebook Page.
Click here to visit the City of Cornwall Facebook Group Page.

Both of these pages are used to provide updates on upcoming events, programs and services and other City initiatives. The pages also provide a forum to interact directly with residents and businesses.

Residents and businesses are encouraged to join the pages and
participate in the discussions. The pages are regularly monitored, and the City reserves the right to remove comments or posts that contain profanities, negative comments concerning individuals, businesses or organizations and/or content that is not related to Cornwall. 

In addition to these pages, a number of City departments and City-sponsored organizations and initiatives maintain their own unique presence on Facebook, including:

Cornwall Civic Complex Facebook Page
Benson Centre Facebook Page
Communities in Bloom Facebook Page
Cornwall Youth Advisory Committee Facebook Page
Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre Facebook Page

The City of Cornwall has a growing presence on Twitter through both the City of Cornwall account (@CityOfCornwall) and the Cornwall Economic Development account (@ChooseCornwall).

These accounts are used to share instant updates on City news and events, economic development initiatives and more. Both of these accounts have more than 300 followers.

Click here to see the City of Cornwall Twitter Account.
Click here to see the Cornwall Economic Development Twitter Account.

The City of Cornwall maintains a channel (ChooseCornwall) on the
popular social media site YouTube.

The channel features a wide array of videos about Cornwall that have created by the City of Cornwall and other parties.

Click here to visit the ChooseCornwall YouTube Channel.

The City of Cornwall maintains a Group (Choose Cornwall) on LinkedIn, a popular business-related social networking site.

The Group consists of more than 200 members, and it provides a venue to discuss City matters and create new connections with other community members.

Click here to visit the City of Cornwall LinkedIn Group page.