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Cornwall’s St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences is a leader in research, education, and community action on large river ecosystems in Canada and the world.

In the mid 1980s, the International Joint Commission identified the St. Lawrence River at Cornwall as an Area of Concern in the Great Lakes Basin.  In response, a group of local citizens, government representatives including the City of Cornwall, the United Counties of S,D & G and the Mohawks of Akwesasne joined forces to create the St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences - an independent, non-partisan Institute for environmental research and education.

The goal was to provide answers to the questions the public was asking, to share the results with the broader public as a whole, and to establish partnerships with the scientific community.

The River Institute has gained international recognition for its dedication to freshwater research, education, community action, and technical services.

At the River Institute, research projects are dedicated to issues such as water quality, water chemistry, freshwater toxicology, biodiversity, and food web dynamics with a focus on the St. Lawrence River and other freshwater ecosystems.

The River Institute has the unique ability to translate ongoing research programs into educational opportunities for young people of all ages. Hands-on workshops, internships, and work placements provide young people with the inspiration and motivation to realize their potential and consider a career in science.

Community Action
The River Institute encourages people of all ages to get involved and excited about our environment. The annual river conference, speaker series, summer camps and open house events encourage the entire community to get involved in environmental initiatives.

Technical Services
The River Institute also offers unique integrated scientific expertise and technical services to municipalities, businesses, industry and organizations to help them to develop custom environmental and microbiological research solutions.

Additional Information
For more information please visit or call (613) 936-6620 for programming updates.

The River Institute is located at 2 St. Lawrence Drive, on the campus of St. Lawrence College in Cornwall.

Office hours are Monday to Friday (8:00 am – 4:00 pm).