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Local Museums, Historical Sites, Plaques

Cornwall is a community that recognizes with pride its rich historical heritage. Reminders of the City's colourful past come to life in a variety of ways which provide modern-day Cornwall with a sense of old-world charm.

A museum and an archives are easily accessible to the public, and provide interesting activities from April to November within the City's boundaries.

The Cornwall Community Museum contains a varied collection of Canadiana, including household articles, furniture, pictures, clothing, maps, tools, and toys from Cornwall's earliest days. The museum is located on the waterfront in Lamoureux Park and is open from 10am to 4pm Wednesday to Sunday.

Cornwall also has a number of outdoor wall murals that have been commissioned to honour the City's eventful history.

Cornwall's dramatic past is also preserved and promoted through the efforts of various historical organizations, such as the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Historical Society, La Société Historique de Cornwall, and Cornwall LACAC.

Cornwall and area's rich history is preserved in the Cornwall Room, at the Cornwall Public Library. Containing 1000s of photographs and documents, the Archives, operated jointly by Heritage Cornwall.

Historical Sites & Plaques
Tributes to people, places and events of local, provincial and national historical significance dot the City of Cornwall in the form of commemorative plaques and monuments. A list of these historic sites is provided in the following table.

Local SignificanceLocation
Cline House208 2nd St. East
Dr. Fraser's House224 2nd St. East
United Counties Museum in the Wood HouseLamoureux Park
Nativity ChurchMontreal Road
Chelsey's Inn40 1st. St. West
Stormont Cottages33-43 York St.
Ivy Hall14 York St.
Gateway Post Office Clock TowerLamoureux Park
Swingbridge Worker's MemorialLamoureux Park
Cornwall DrydocksLegion Baseball Park,
Lamoureux Park
Eastern Entrance to the Cornwall CanalSouth of Storage Tanks
Lamoureux Park
Windmill Fort404 Easton St.
St. Columban's Church40 4th St. West

Provincial SignificanceLocation
Founding of CornwallLamoureux Park
Capt. Samuel Anderson1900 Montreal Rd.
Rev. John Strachan105 2nd St. West
Glengarry Fencibles Armouries4th St. East
District Courthouse and GaolPitt and Water St.
Submerged Communities of the St. LawrenceLakeside Park

National SignificanceLocation
Cornwall CanalLamoureux Park
Post Office45 2nd St. East
John Strachan437 Sydney St.

Waterfront Walking Tour/ Lamoureux Park

Cornwall's riverfront heritage can be traced through historic plaques placed along the bicycle path. Starting from the eastern end of the old Cornwall Canal and continuing behind Domtar, this scenic 4 km walk captures the history of Cornwall from the arrival of the Loyalists to the building of the Seaway.

In addition, a myriad of historical places of interest are located in the Seaway Valley, all within minutes of Cornwall. These include, to name a few:
Upper Canada Village (Morrisburg), St. Raphael's ruins (St. Raphael's), Lancaster Cairn (Lancaster), Simon Fraser's burial site (St. Andrews West), American Indian Travelling College (Cornwall Island) and Nor'Westers and Loyalist Museum (Williamstown).

For further information on historic Cornwall contact:

S. D. & G. Historical Society
P.O. Box 773
Cornwall, Ontario
K6J 1A3