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Transit Routes

Cornwall Transit operates four Conventional Bus routes - Pitt / McConnell, Sunrise / Cumberland, Brookdale / Montreal & Riverdale - in addition to a Community Bus Service and several Supplementary routes to the Cornwall Business Park.

Cornwall Transit also operates a parallel Handi-Transit service.

Click on the following links to view maps & schedules of the transit routes:

Cornwall Transit Routes 
 Interactive Transit Map
 Cornwall Transit Map
 1 Pitt / McConnell Map Schedule
 2 Sunrise / Cumberland Map Schedule
 3 Brookdale / Montreal Map Schedule
 4 Riverdale Map Schedule
Supplementary routes to Cornwall Business Park
 Supplementary 1 (AM - PM) Map Schedule
 Supplementary 2 (AM) Map Schedule
 Supplementary 3 (PM) Map Schedule



Community Service/Sunrise Route #2


Industrial/Business Park










Hard copies of the Transit Guide can be picked up on Transit buses and/or the following locations:

- Shoppers Drug Mart (Cornwall Square, EastCourt Mall & 1236 Brookdale Avenue)
- Fullerton Drug Store (Pitt & Second Street)
- Baxtrom's Independent Grocer (31 Ninth Street West)
- City Hall (360 Pitt Street)
- Cornwall Transit (863 Second Street West)
- St. Lawrence College
- Pop Shoppe (101 Emma Street)


Additional Information
For more information on routes and fares, please contact:

Cornwall Transit
863 Second Street West
Tel - (613) 930-2636

Office Hours
Monday to Friday 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. (open during lunch hour).