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Handi-Transit is a parallel service for physically challenged persons and operates the same hours as Conventional service. It is a demand, response system with accessible door to accessible door assistance provided. If an individual is unable to use the regular Conventional public transit system, that individual is eligible to apply and, if accepted, will be registered for Handi-Transit service. Small, low floor, totally accessible buses are used to provide the service. Handi-Transit 10 ride cards are now available for Adults, Seniors and Students.

In order to become eligible, an application form which is available below and at the Cornwall Transit office, must be completed by a medical professional.

The City of Cornwall has created several pieces of information to assist Handi Transit users.

Handi-Transit Pamphlet
The Handi-Transit Pamphlet provides information such as bookings, group bookings, tickets, fares, companions, transportation hours and much more. Click on the link below to view the pamphlet.

Attendant/Companion Cards
If you are a Handi-Transit registered user, Attendant Cards allow your companion to ride free when travelling on the regular conventional buses, including the Community Service (not on Handi-Transit). The Handi-Transit registrant may also travel on a conventional bus without the companion. For a nominal one-time fee you can get a Attendant/Companion card. This card is only available at Cornwall Transit and requires a photo to be taken of the Handi-Transit registrant. This self-serve approach is designed to allow passengers with disabilities to be self-reliant and able to use the regular conventional service at their convenience.

Destination CardsRamp

If you are not familiar with our city streets or would like assistance with your destination, the Destination Card will help with communication between yourself and the bus driver. You can write your destination on the card and give it to the driver when boarding. The driver will announce the destination when the bus arrives.

Emergency Medical Card
Cornwall Transit offers a free Medical Card for you to fill out and keep in your wallet or coat pocket. It should contain valuable information about yourself, in the event you are unable to communicate in an emergency on our buses.

 The cards are available at the Cornwall Transit office at 863 Second Street West or by calling 613-930-2636.