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Community Bus Pass

What is a Community Bus Pass?
It is an initiative that provides affordable transportation for persons receiving benefits from Ontario Disability Support Program and Ontario Works Assistance.

How much does a Community Bus Pass cost?
Effective May 1, 2015, the cost will be $42.00 per pass for unlimited rides on Conventional and Community Bus services during the month of issue. 

How many passes are available? 
175 passes are available on a first come, first serve basis each month. The passes are not available to organizations providing funds for low income clients.

Do I need authorized documentation?
Yes, photo ID along with an original or photocopied Ontario Works or ODSP cheque stub, drug or dental card for the month in question is required every time to prove eligibility.

Will I need a photo for my Community Bus Pass?
Yes, the first time you buy a pass a photo will be taken at the Cornwall Transit office. There is no charge for the photo part of the pass. Should you lose your pass, a $8.00 replacement charge will apply.

Can someone else purchase a Community Bus Pass for me?
Yes, if they provide your authorized documentation. Keep in mind that a photo is required for first time bus passes.

Can more than one member of my family purchase a Community Bus Pass?
Yes, each adult will have to supply their authorized documentation. Children will qualify by using a parent or guardian's documentation.

Is my Community Bus Pass transferable?
The Community Bus Pass is not transferable or refundable.

Where can I purchase a Community Bus Pass?
There are two different places, Cornwall Transit office and the Salvation Army Thrift Store (500 York Street). If transportation is an issue please call the Cornwall Transit office.

Do I have to fill out an application form?
No, all that is needed is the authorized documentation mentioned previously.

How will my pass differ from a regular adult or student pass?
The passes will be identical in appearance. The only difference will be the cost of the pass.

Is the Community Bus pass valid on Handi-Transit?
No, although as part of the Community Pass, Handi-Transit registrants may purchase 25 single ride Handi-Transit tickets for $42.00 once a month. This purchase will be considered as one of the 175 Community Passes available each month. Arrangements with the office can be made to have tickets delievered to you. The discounted Handi-Transit tickets are only available for purchase at Cornwall Transit and not at Ticket Outlets.

Do Community Bus Passes qualify for the Federal Tax Credit?
Yes passes qualify, however, Handi-Transit tickets do not qualify for the Federal Tax Credit because it does not meet the definitions stated by Revenue Canada. For more information visit

For more information on the Community Bus Pass please call 613-930-2636, or visit us at 863 Second St. W.