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Cornwall Transit Bicycle Racks

Bicycle RacksCornwall Transit  now has 9 buses equipped with bicycle racks. The bicycle racks are available between March 16 (weather permitting) and October 31 of each year. Bike racks are removed from the buses during the winter season. The use of the rack is of no extra charge.   They will help you travel conveniently throughout the city with your bike avoiding bad weather, busy traffic areas, or if you have mechanical problems with your bicycle or even just to get to your location and bring along your bike for a leisurely tour from your destination!  These bicycle racks are sturdy and safe devices!

Click on the following link to view a guide for using the bike racks:

Helpful Tips for Loading

  • While waiting for the bus, prepare your bicycle for the trip by removing loose items like water bottles.
  • When the bus arrives, be sure to get the driver's attention to indicate you will be loading your bike.
  • The first bike should be placed in the position furthest from the bus.
  • Raise the support arm over your wheel as high as it will go but not over the frame of the fender.


  • When you reach your stop, notify the driver that you will be unloading your bike.
  • If the rack is empty after unloading your bike, fold it up until it locks in place before you step away from the bus.

Important Notes

  • You are responsible to secure your bike properly. For safety reasons, Cornwall Transit operators are not permitted to leave the bus to assist with loading and unloading bikes.
  • Cornwall Transit personnel may refuse access to cyclists due to unsafe conditions
  • Cornwall Transit is not responsible for damage incurred or caused by or to any bicycles or for lost or stolen bicycles.
  • Always load and unload your bike from the front or curb side of the bus.
  • Please let others unload their bikes first before loading yours.
  • Load and unload your bike as quickly as possible.
  • Only non-motorized, two wheeled bikes are allowed.

Information about the bike racks

The City of Cornwall uses The Sportworks tm bike rack. The stainless steel rack is lightweight and designed for easy loading and unloading. It can be raised and lowered with one hand and will securely hold two bikes with wheels as small as 16 inches.