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How to become a Home Child Care Provider   

The Home Child Care Program is always looking for
Home Day Care Providers in the City of Cornwall and the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry who are interested
in caring for children in their homes.

The goal of our Home Child Care Program is to provide children with a warm, loving, inclusive, safe and stimulating environment as well as offering a supportive environment for child care providers.

Advantages of the Home Child Care Program:

You are self-employed
You are paid on a regular basis
No exchange of money between yourself and the parent(s)
You are paid 30 absent days / vacation days
You receive professional support in Early Childhood Educators
You are offered workshops and training
You can access a toy and equipment lending service

Do you: 

Want playmates for your children
Want to help parents working or training outside the home
Want to supplement your family income without having to work outside your home
Have a suitable location and space in your home
Provide flexible hours of care to accommodate parent's work schedules


Offer a safe, healthy and stimulating environment for children
Provide age appropriate activities that meet the needs of individual children
Provide nutritional meals and snacks
Work in collaboration with program Child Care Advisor and parent(s)
Contracted to the City of Cornwall which services the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry
Provide child care in your home to no more than 6 day care children under the age of 13
Provide criminal reference check, including a Vulnerable Sector Screen for anyone residing in the home that is over the age of 18 years
Maintain homeowners' insurance policy covering contents and liability

This can be a rewarding opportunity for you to work with families in your community.

The Home Child Care Licensed Agency is a program within the Child Care Services Division of the Social and Housing Services Department of the City of Cornwall.

If you are interested in our Home Child Care Program, and would like to apply either by completing and submitting the online Home Child Care Provider Application to our office by mail to the City of Cornwall, Child Care Services, P.O. Box 877, Cornwall, ON, K6H 5T9, by fax to 613-930-7454, by calling our office at 613-933-6282 extension 3310 or email to The Agency will contact you if there is a need for services in your area.