Federal and Provincial Benefits for Families with Children

The federal and provincial governments provide a number of financial benefits to assist families with children.


Financial benefits provided by the Federal government include the following:

Canada Child Tax Benefit

The Canada Child Tax Benefit is a tax-free monthly payment from the Canada Revenue Agency to assist eligible families with the cost of raising children under the age of 18.   The Canada Child Tax Benefit may include the Child Disability Benefit and the National Child Benefit Supplement.


Child Disability Benefit

The Child Disability Benefit is a tax-free benefit for families who care for a child under age 18 who is eligible for the disability amount.


Children's Fitness Tax Credit

With the Children's Fitness Tax Credit, you may be able to claim up to $500 per child for the fees that relate to the cost of registering your or your spouse's or common-law partner's child in a prescribed program of physical activity.


National Child Benefit Supplement

The Government of Canada contributes to the National Child Benefit initiative through a supplement to its Canada Child Tax Benefit system.  This additional payment is called the National Child Benefit Supplement.  It provides low-income families with additional child benefits on top of the base benefit by topping up the monthly payments they receive under the Canada Child Tax Benefit.


Universal Child Care Benefit

The Universal Child Care Benefit is designed to help Canadian families, as they try to balance work and family life, by supporting their child care choices through direct financial support. The Universal Child Care Benefit is for children under the age of 6 years and is paid in instalments of $100 per month per child.


Financial benefits provided by the Provincial government include the following:


Children's Activity Tax Credit

With the Children's Activity Tax Credit you can claim up to $500 in eligible expenses and get up to $50 back for each child under 16 if you have a child enrolled in activities, such as painting classes, soccer, hockey or music lessons. You can receive up to $100 back for a child with a disability who is under 18. 


Ontario Child Benefit

 The Ontario Child Benefit is a non-taxable amount paid to help low-to moderate-income families provide for their children.  Ontario Child Benefit payments are delivered with the Canada Child Tax Benefit in a single monthly payment. Under the Ontario Child Benefit, you may be eligible to receive up to $91.66 per month for each child under 18 years of age. If your adjusted family net income is above $20,000, you may receive a partial benefit.

Ontario Child Care Supplement for Working Families

The Ontario Child Care Supplement for Working Families gives eligible low- to middle-income working families tax-free money every month to help with the costs of raising children. To qualify, your family must have a child under the age of seven, born prior to July 1, 2009. Your child does not have to be in day care for you to apply for the Ontario Child Care Supplement for Working Families.


Addtional Information: