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Commemorative Tree Planting Program

Planning, Development & Recreation is pleased to be able to offer a Commemorative Tree Planting Program. This program may be used as a form of remembrance of a loved one, celebration of a birth, honouring a retiree, or any other event which you feel should be commemorated by a living tribute. A number of locations are available in our City parks for commemorative tree planting in the spring. Forestry staff will gladly assist you in choosing a location that meets your needs and is compatible with the surrounding environment.

We offer the following options for Commemorative Trees:

Option 1 - New Tree with a Granite dedication Plaque ($850.00 plus H.S.T.):

  • Choice of 10 tree species (approximately 6' - 8' high, 40mm caliper)
  • Site preparation & planting
  • Personalized dedication message on a black granite cube
  • 16" width x 10" length x 4" thickness with 4 lines - maximum 19, ¾" block gothic letters per line
  • Installation of granite cube
  • The plaque will be installed flush with the ground to reduce vandalism and allow access of maintenance equipment.
  • The City is not responsible for maintenance or replacement of Commemorative plaques
  • 2 year warranty on new tree

Option 2 - New Tree only -no plaque ($400.00 plus H.S.T.):

  • Choice of 10 tree species ( approximately 6' - 8' high, 40mm caliper)
  • Site preparation & planting
  • 2 year warranty on new tree


1. The Parks and Landscaping Supervisor reserves the right to:

  • Approve any preferred species of tree other than the ten mentioned on the order form.
  • Approve the site for planting and suggest alternative sites.
  • Purchase the tree and deem the tree healthy upon its arrival

2. Tree planting will be conducted in the spring. Orders must be received by March 15th.

3. Once the tree is planted, the tree becomes the sole responsibility of the Planning, Development & Recreation Department, Parks and Landscape section, who will endeavor to keep the tree maintained.

4. Applications will be reviewed by staff and the applicant will be contacted to ensure completeness of the request.

5. The costs are payable to the City of Cornwall and should be received by the Benson Center (800 7th Street West) attention Donna Raymond-Walker, once the application is approved.

All costs may be subject to change.

Click here to access Commemorative Tree Planting Order Form




Suggested Parklands

The following is a suggested list of parklands approved for tree planting. For your reference, the parks have been identified as to their general location within the City.

Requsts for planting on other City properties will be considered and subject to approval.

North End 
Silver Cross Park 
Terry Fox Park .
Optimist Park 

West End
Riverdale Park
St. Theresa Park

East End
Mattice Park
Menard Park
Reg Campbell Park

Horovitz Park 
Lamoureux Park

Broadview Park

Preferred Tree species

1. Ivory silk lilac
2. European hornbeam
3. Ironwood
4. Hackberry
5. Red oak
6. Ginkgo
7. Sugar maple
8. Native red maple
9. Shagbark hickory
10. White pine


Additional Information

Scott Porter, Parks and Landscaping Supervisor
City of Cornwall
(613) 930-2787 ext. 2264


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