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Ice Rental Rules

The applicant agrees to abide by the rules and regulations stated below. Ice rental contracts are subject to the following conditions:

  1. One hour of ice consists of 50 minutes.
  2. All payments hereunder shall be made payable to the "City of Cornwall", Cornwall Aquatic Centre, 100 Water St. East East, Cornwall, Ontario, K6H 6G4.
  3. Ten business days (Monday to Friday) notice in writing is required for cancellation or rescheduling ice time.
  4. No objects or individuals are to be on the ice when the zamboni is resurfacing the rink. This posting will be strictly adhered to by the maintenance staff.
  5. All clients shall not nail, hook, tack, screw, staple, or tape any items onto any part of the building, fixtures, or equipment contained therein, which includes the walls, brick, glass, floor, ceiling, tables, and the insulated flooring system in the arena. Repair or replacement for any and all damages will be the responsibility of the user.
  6. Applicant and/or his agent shall not pledge the credit of the City of Cornwall and shall save it harmless against any and all claims for damages against persons or property which may arise during or as a consequence of this agreement or the occupation arising hereunder.
  7. The applicant shall be responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons using the facility while occupied by the applicant.
  8. The applicant shall comply and ensure the compliance of all persons using the facility, while occupied by the applicant, with these regulations.
  9. The applicant shall, if he/she wishes to have liquor or beer at or in the facility, make the appropriate arrangements with the Provincial agency responsible therefore and obtain the requisite permit of license prior to occupying the facility.
  10. All articles brought to the facility for use by the applicant or persons using the facility when occupied by the applicant, shall be removed forthwith at the termination of the applicant's occupation of the premises.
  11. All exits, fire extinguishers, and pull stations shall be kept free from obstruction at all times during the applicants occupancy of the facility.
  12. Any regulation posted in a facility are in addition to the conditions set out herein and shall be complied with in the same manner and to the same extent as thought they were specifically referred to in condition (8) hereof.
  13. In some cases, a facility is provided with personnel who are on duty in that facility, in which the applicant shall take direction from such personnel and comply with such direction.
  14. Except as authorized on the face of this permit, no admission charge, collection or sale of refreshments shall take place.
  15. In the case of a special event an additional charge may be imposed where performing rights are involved in which the applicant shall pay the amount thereof as soon as ascertained.
  16. All charges shall be paid in advance except in the case of performing rights where the department shall estimate the amount thereof and the applicant shall pay the amount of the estimate before issuance of this permit.
  17. The Complex Manager herein referred to as the "Manager" may in his/her sole discretion cancel this permit where:
    (A) the facility is required for departmental purposes.
    (B) the permit was secured by misrepresentation.
    (C) this permit was transferred without approval of the department.
    (D) the facility is not being used for the purposes set out in the application.
    (E) there has been a breach of the regulations posted in the facility or set out herein.
    (F) the facility required technical or emergency repairs which can not be performed at any other time.
  18. Where the Manager uses the power to cancel set forth in the previous condition, he/she shall give notice to the applicant as soon as possible thereafter, by whatever means may be available to him/her.
  19. In the case of an overpayment by an applicant of any of the City charges for the use of a facility, the Manager shall take such steps as are necessary to cause a refund to be made.
  20. Where a facility has been damaged, the Manager shall first notify the applicant of the damage and request the applicant to repair or make good the damage forthwith at his/her expense.
  21. If the applicant fails to respond favorably to such request or delays in taking any action, the Manager shall obtain (2) estimates of the cost to repair and inform the applicant of the quotes and request payment in advance of the cost of the acceptable estimate.
  22. Where payment is not made pursuant to the previous clause, the Manager may in his sole discretion have the work done to his/her satisfaction and the cost thereof shall be recovered according to law.
  23. I, the applicant have read over the foregoing conditions set out in clauses 1 to 23 hereof, and agree to them and undertake to comply with them.

If you would like more information about renting ice at the Civic Complex, Bob Turner Arena and Si Miller Arena please call the Facility Rental Clerk at (613) 930-2787 ext. 2527.