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Field House Rentals and Walking Track

The Benson Centre Field House is a beautiful, fully climate controlled indoor field.  The Jiffy Auto Service/Goodyear Field measures 100' X 200' and will provide a great game and practice experience for soccer, football, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee and more.   This unique indoor field house provides a venue for everyone to participate in their favorite summer sports year round, also dedicating time to field training for many sports.  Full field rentals and 1/3 field rentals are available.

Program Note
Walking and Jogging at Benson Centre
March Break March 16 - March 20

The walking/jogging track at the Benson Centre will be closed to walkers during the week of the March Break.  Due to the number of activities taking place in the Fieldhouse at the Benson Centre, we are encouraging walkers/joggers to utilize the walking track at the Cornwall Civic Complex during the March Break.  The March Break runs from Monday March 16th - Friday March 20th.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Fee Schedule for Benson Centre Field House Rentals
Summer Field House fees are in effect from May to August 2014 
Winter Field House fees are in effect from September 2014 to April 2015 

Winter Field House ClientFeeH.S.T.Total
Prime Time (after 4pm and weekends)
Regular/Occasional Client$139.34 18.11$157.45
Non-Prime Time (before 4pm weekdays)
Regular/Occasional Client$97.54 12.68$110.22
Subsidized Clients
Minor Sports Organizations$83.60 10.87$94.47
Contact Admistration for School Group Rates    



Summer Field House ClientFeeH.S.T.Total
Prime Time (after 4pm and weekends)
Regular/Occasional Client$85.69$11.14$96.83
Non-Prime Time (before 4pm weekdays)
Regular/Occasional Client$59.98$7.80$67.78
Subsidized Clients
Minor Sports Organizations$51.41$6.68$58.09
Contact Administration for School Group Rates   

For more rental information, please call Facility Rental Clerk (613) 938-9898 ext. 1.

Benson Centre
800 7th Street West
Cornwall, Ontario
K6J 0A3