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Aquatic Centre Public Swim Schedule

The Aquatic Centre is open year-round. Come and enjoy our modern pool facility!

Swimming at the Aquatic Centre is separated into a variety of sessions, aimed at meeting the different needs of various groups.

Given the type of swim, there may be some restrictions on the use of the slide/diving boards.

The cost to use the Aquatic Centre ranges from $3.54 (young children) to $4.59 (adults) per session.

Monthly passes are available. Information on swim rates and passes appears at the bottom of the page.  




The Cornwall Aquatic Centre will be closed Friday April 18th for Good Friday & Sunday April 20th for Easter.


Recreational Swims

September 16, 2013 to June 29, 2014. 

 Monday, Wednesday & Friday 6 - 8:55 am Early Bird Swim (lane swimming)
 Tuesday & Thursday 7 - 8:55 am Early Bird Swim (lane swimming)
 Monday, Wednesday & Friday   10 - 10:55 am   Rehab Swim
 Monday to Friday 11 - 11:55 am   Adult / Senior Swim
 Monday, Wednesday & Friday   10 - 10:55 am   Preschool Swim
 Monday to Friday    12 - 12:55 pm   Fitness Swim (lane swimming)
 Monday to Friday 2 - 3:25 pm   Leisure Swim (one lane open)
 Monday to Friday 7 - 8:25 pm   Leisure (one lane open)
 Tuesday & Thursday    8:30 - 9:25 pm   Adult Swim
 Saturday & Sunday 2 - 3:25 pm   Leisure Swim
 Saturday 3:30 - 4:55 pm   Leisure Swim
 Saturday 7 - 8:25 pm   Leisure Swim
 Sunday  7 - 8:55 am   Early Bird Swim (lane swimming)
 Sunday 3:30 - 4:55 pm Family Swim
 Sunday 6:30 - 7:55 pm  Leisure Swim


Swim Description

Early Bird Swim
For the early riser. A great way to start your day! The pool is set up for lap swimming with slow, medium and fast lanes to meet the needs of all swimmers.

Adult/Senior Swim
Socialize with friends and feel great! Diving board & slide are not open.

Fitness Swim
The pool is set up for lap swimming with slow, medium and fast lanes to meet the needs of all swimmers. Come get fit in the pool.

Preschool Swim
For children 6 and under, accompanied by an adult in the toddler pool only. Enjoy the warm pool with toddler slide, umbrella & spray features.

Rehab Swim
For all ages with those who have special needs. Fully wheelchair accessible with water wheelchair and pool side chairs available.

Leisure Swim
Everyone is welcome! Come out and have lots of fun at the pool. Large tank, toddler pool and slide available.

Family Swim
A great opportunity for some family time together. All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Water slide is open.     

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