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Gerry Brown 3 on 3 Spring Hockey

Game ON!

2017 Team Schedules by Division -

Divisions of Play:   IP1 -        Click here for IP1 Schedule   

                                              IP2 -        Click here for IP2 Schedule  

                                              IP3 -        Click here for IP3 Schedule  

                                              Novice -  Click here for Novice Schedule - Updated Schedule Posted With Rescheduled Games on Sun. May 28

                                              Atom -     Click here for Atom Schedule -   Updated Schedule Posted With Rescheduled Games on Sun. May 28

                                              Peewee - Click here for Peewee Schedule -  

                                              Bantam - Click here for Bantam Schedule - Updated Schedule Posted With Rescheduled Games on Tues. May 30

                                              Midget - Click Here for Midget Schedule

IP Divisions - $120/player or $80 for Goalies  8 Games Half Ice
          Novice to Bantam Division - $155/player or $100 for Goalies - 10 Games Full Ice 
Midget Division - $155/player or $100 for Goalies - 8 Games Full Ice

Another year of fast paced, recreational 3 on 3 co-ed hockey is just around the corner.  The Benson Centre is the place to be for 3 on 3 spring hockey for IP to Midget aged players.  The program has been in operation for a number of years and has grown from 40 to over 250 participants in 8 divisions.  3 on 3 hockey is a great way for players to develop skills, increase creativity & conditioning, and to just simply have FUN! 

All IP 1, IP 2, Novice ½ Ice & IP 3 games are played on 1/2 ice and teams will consist of up to 109 skaters and 1 goalie per team.  Novice Full, Atom, Peewee, Bantam and Midget Divisions will play full ice and teams will consist of a maximum 10 skaters and 1 goalie.  

Our rules encourage non-stop action, with no body checking, no icing, no offside faceoffs, to keep the game flowing at a high pace.  To keep the emphasis on fair play and fun, teams are balanced for equal competition.  Teammate requests (maximum of 3) are welcomed and every effort is made to accommodate the players, but we cannot guarantee.  All players will register individually and will be placed on teams by a selection committee based on their current level of play (examples House, B, A, AA, AAA).  Volunteer on-ice coaches (IP Division) and bench coaches (All Divisions) needed for each level of play, if interested please mark accordingly on your child's registration form. 

Registration is now open for 2017 at the Benson Centre or the Cornwall Aquatic Centre.  Spaces will fill up quickly so please register early.  For more information on the Gerry Brown 3 on 3 Spring Hockey program please feel free to contact 613-938-9898 ext. 2 or

Click here for the 2017 Gerry Brown 3 on 3 Registration Form

2017 Divisions of Play   

IP 1 - (Completed Year 1 of IP)                          Game Days - Sundays (6) & Wednesdays (2)  IP 1 Schedule Starts Sunday April 9

IP 2 (Completed Year 2 of IP)                            Game Days - Sundays (6) & Wednesdays (2)  IP 2 Starts Wednesday April 5

IP 3 & Novice ½ Ice (Year 3 IP & Novice Age)  Game Days - Sundays (6) & Wednesdays (2)  IP 3 Starts Wednesday April 5

Novice Full Ice                                                    Game Days - Monday Evenings between 5 & 6:30 p.m. Starts Monday April 10

Atom                                                                    Game Nights - Mondays 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Starts Monday April 10 

Peewee                                                                Game Nights - Thursdays Starts Thursday April 13  

Bantam                                                                Game Days - Week Nights  Schedule Starts April 10

Midget                                                                  Game Nights - Week Nights Schedule Starts Week of April 24 - April 27

Coaching Opportunities

A huge thank you to the volunteer coaches who donate their valuable time teaching, encouraging and cheering, to ensure that your child has a rewarding 3 on 3 hockey season.   Without the help of these coaches the league would not be able to continue.  If you are interested in volunteering to be a coach or assistant coach, please contact or call 613-938-9898 ext. 2. 

Fun and Safe Hockey
Once again thank you for your participation in the Gerry Brown 3 on 3 Hockey Program, we estimate we will have over 300 players registered again this year.  Please remember the goal of this league is to provide all individuals an opportunity to participate in a recreational hockey league and to provide community based programs which will allow a player to participate in an environment of fun, physical exercise and fair play.  Our officials will call the game based on this premise, please respect the officials and their decisions at all times.  Physical or verbal abuse of any official, coach, or player will not be tolerated.

Balanced Teams

Each year we try and create teams in each division that are equally balanced and provide opportunities for players to play with a few friends from hockey, school or the neighbourhood.  In an effort to make each game fair, we have developed rules to help keep individual games close and competitive.  Teams are allowed to play 4 on 3 or 5 on 3, when trailing by 4 or 5 goals respectively.   Also if a goalie is facing an unbearable amount of shots the referee has the right to have goalies switch teams for the second period of play.   As a last resort team rosters MAY be subject to roster adjustments to maintain a competitive balance, if we can reach an agreement between coaches, players and families.  Please note that we will not post the scores of games on the scoreboard of more than a five goal differential. Our 3 on 3 league does not record individual or team stats throughout the year, and we only post the score while game is in progress.  


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