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Waterfront Consultation

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The City of Cornwall's Waterfront Development Committee is asking the public to weigh in on the future use of waterfront lands east of the Cornwall Civic Complex.

Through an upcoming consultation exercise, the Committee is seeking feedback on possible development opportunities for the eastern parking lot area of the Cornwall Civic Complex as well as Lookout Point, the former oil tank lands and the T-ball lands east of Marina 200 (see outlined area in accompanying map).

Waterfront Consultation area of focus





 Cornwall's Waterfront

To learn more about Cornwall's waterfront, past waterfront projects and the City's Waterfront Development Committee, please click here.






Additional Information:

"Given the residential development that's now underway in the nearby Cotton Mills District, the committee feels it's a good time to discuss the future of this important strip of waterfront land," said Guy Menard, Committee Vice-Chair. "Part of the committee's mandate is to advise City Council on issues related to the waterfront."

The east parking lot area of the Civic Complex is being included in the consultation because it is the only piece of developable City-owned waterfront land east of the Civic Complex. Meanwhile, the City's Waterfront Plan identifies the former oil tank lands as a possible location for residential development, however ownership and past land uses can present constraints to development. In addition, the ongoing redevelopment of the Cotton Mills District is creating new opportunities for the area.

The Committee will welcome all comments from residents, however the consultation will focus specifically on the section of the waterfront outlined above.

"We are not talking about development west of the Civic Complex in the central Lamoureux Park area or limiting access to the waterfront," said Mr. Menard. "The Waterfront Plan and the City's Official Plan both speak about improving public access to the waterfront and maintaining Lamoureux Park as a gathering place for the community, and the Committee is fully supportive of those positions."

As part of the consultation, the Committee will be hosting an Open House Information Session on Tuesday, June 12th in Salon B of the Cornwall Civic Complex (100 Water Street). There will be an afternoon session from 2 pm to 5 pm followed by an evening session from 6 pm to 9 pm. Retired educator and community volunteer Pat Finucan will serve as moderator for the sessions. Residents who attend will be provided with a questionnaire and they will have an opportunity to review maps and other information. Committee members will be on hand to answer questions. Presentations will be made at approximately 2:30 pm and again at 6:30 pm, and residents in attendance will be invited to participate in roundtable discussions. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

For those who aren't able to attend one of the sessions, the information and the questionnaire will be available on the City website from June 13th to June 29th. Copies of the questionnaire will also be available at various locations including City Hall, the Civic Complex, the Aquatic Centre, the Benson Centre and the Cornwall Public Library, and they can be dropped off at any of these locations.

"The waterfront is one of our community's greatest assets, so we're hoping Cornwall residents will take a bit of time to examine the issue and fill out the short questionnaire," said Stephen Alexander, General Manager of Planning, Parks and Recreation.

City Council has approved the consultation exercise, and the results of the questionnaire will be collected and presented to Council at a future date.

For more information on the Waterfront Development Committee and the City's Waterfront Plan, please click here.