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Winter parking restrictions

Like many other communities, the City of Cornwall has parking restrictions in place during the winter season.

For more information on winter parking restrictions and periods, click here.

The City of Cornwall provides municipal parking in the Downtown and
Le Village commercial areas through a combination of on-street metered parking spots and parking lots.

Parking Maps:


Residents can also use the CornwallMaps Interactive Map to
locate municipal parking lots in the community.


The City also enforces parking regulations. For additional information on municipal parking, please review the information below or refer to the City's
Traffic and Parking By-law on the City By-laws page of the website.


On-street metered parking

The City administers several hundred metered parking spots in the Downtown and Le Village areas. The cost to use these spaces is $1 per hour and the maximum length of stay at metered parking spots is two hours.

Residents parking at metered spots are required to pay during the hours of 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

The fine for parking at an expired parking meter is $20.


Parking lots

New Pay and Display Machine

Parking meterThe City of Cornwall has installed a new pay and display machine that accepts credit cards!

The machine services the Bingo Centre parking lot on Second Street West.

The City will be monitoring its use and if it proves successful, additional machines could be installed in other parking lots in the future.

Several municipal parking lots are available for use within
the Downtown and Le Village areas.

The parking lots offer Pay & Display parking for $1 per hour, and there
is a maximum length of stay of 12 hours. The Pay & Display machines produce a ticket which must be placed face up inside the vehicle on the driver's side dashboard in order to be valid.

Residents parking in the Pay & Display parking lots are required to pay during the hours of 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

The fine for parking with no ticket displayed or an improperly displayed ticket is $20.

Maintenance of parking meters, Pay & Display machines

If you observe a parking meter or pay & display machine that isn't working properly, please contact the Building Permits and By-law Enforcement Department at (613) 930-2787 ext. 2225.


Monthly parking permits

A limited number of parking spaces in municipal parking lots are reserved for monthly parking permit users.

Monthly parking permits cost $50 per month however there is often a waiting list for the permit spaces that are available.

To enquire about the availability of monthly parking permits or to be added to the waiting list, please contact the Building Permits and By-law Enforcement Department at (613) 930-2787 ext. 2225.

Please read the Regulations Pertaining to Parking Passes. This form will be provided to you for signature upon the purchase of a City Parking Pass.



Paying a Parking Ticket

Parking tickets can be paid in-person at the Building and By-Law Enforcement Department office on the second floor of the Cornwall Civic Complex (100 Water Street East) during regular business hours.

For added convenience, there are three yellow deposit boxes in the City where residents can deposit their parking ticket payments. The boxes are located at the Cornwall Community Police Service headquarter station (340 Pitt Street), the Civic Complex (west side of front entrance, at the bottom of the stairs) and in front of the parking lot at 342 Montreal Road.

The online parking ticket payment service is unavailable until further notice. To make a payment by phone, please call 613-930-2787 ext. 2225.


Accessible Parking

A registered accessible parking permit must be displayed in a vehicle using any designated accessible parking space. These spaces are signed with a regulation wheelchair symbol.

Applications and eligibility criteria for Accessible Parking permits are available from Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Offices (operated by the Ministry of Transportation) or Service Ontario.

Parking in one of these designated spaces without this permit could result in a $300 fine.

Residents with an accessible parking permit are allowed to park in a metered area for free for a maximum of three hours.


Free parking for Veterans

City Council has passed a By-law permitting free parking for Veterans who have been issued special licence plates by the Ministry of Transportation. This provision applies to both on-street metered parking spots as well as municipal parking lots.


Parking Violations & Fines 

Winter Parking Restrictions

Parking Violations & Fines

Online Parking Ticket Payment


More information:

- Cornwall Parking Operations Program Report