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Each spring as we begin to experience warmer weather, it doesn't take long for the bicycles and skateboards to be brought out of storage. This serves as a friendly reminder that there are several areas where skateboards are prohibited.  Schedules XXVII and XXVIII were created to describe which areas skateboards are prohibited. A few of the key areas include the Downtown and Le Village areas, as well as, all parking lots operated by the municipality. These schedules are available upon request.

A good understanding of By-law By-law 069-1989 Section45 [2,3] can help you avoid costly fines. For information please contact the Building Permits and By-Law Enforcement Department at 340 Pitt St. (3rd floor - Justice Building). Phone - 932-6252 x 2225 or 930-2787 x 2225 (direct access)


*This is prepared for information only. For official wording, please see the applicable sections in the Traffic and Parking By-Law #069, 1989 as amended.