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Parking Violations and FinesParking Enforcement

Parking regulations are monitored and enforced on an ongoing basis to achieve compliance with the City's Traffic and Parking
By-law. To review the By-law in full, please visit the City By-laws page of the City website.

Below is a list of parking violations and fines as set out in the Traffic and Parking By-law.

For information on winter parking restrictions, please click here.

Plate Denial
Provincial legislation allows municipalities to collect unpaid parking infractions through the Ministry of Transportation by requesting plate denial. The City of Cornwall is connected to such system and your license plate may not be issued by the Ministry of Transportation if there are outstanding fines. Also, at such time, an additional $20.00 is levied to each outstanding ticket in addition to already imposed fees and fines.

Link to Parking complaint Form

To enquire about the status of your unpaid parking tickets or to obtain general information regarding outstanding fines, please contact the Building Permits and By-law Enforcement Department at (613) 930-2787 ext. 2225.

Paying a Parking Ticket
Parking tickets can be paid online using the convenient ParkSmart program. If your ticket has been filed with the Ministry of Transportation for collection, it is no longer payable using this service.

Click here for online parking ticket payments

Parking tickets can also be paid in-person at the Building and By-Law Enforcement Department office on the second floor of the Cornwall Civic Complex (100 Water Street East) during regular business hours.

For added convenience, there are three yellow deposit boxes in the City where residents can deposit their parking ticket payments. The boxes are located at the Cornwall Community Police Service headquarter station (340 Pitt Street), the Civic Complex (west side of front entrance, at the bottom of the stairs) and in front of the parking lot at 342 Montreal Road.



Parking Violations & Fines

 Offence Fine
 Parked at an expired meter $20
 No ticket displayed $20
 Improperly parked - more than 15 cm from curb - one-way street $25
 Improperly parked - wrong angle $25
 Parked in excess of posted time limits $20
 Parked in excess of time limits - loading zone $20
 Parked at meter - excess of time limits $20
 Parked more than 12 hours - attendant lots $25
 Parked where prohibited - within 1.5 metres of a driveway $25
 Parked where prohibited - obstructing driveway or laneway $25
 Parked where prohibited - within 3 metres of a hydrant $25
 Parked where prohibited - within 9 metres of an intersection $25
 Parked - excess of 24 hours $25
 Displaying vehicle for sale on street $25
 Parked where prohibited by sign $25
 Parked on street - 1 am to 7 am - Nov. 15 to March 31 $25
 Unauthorized parking - private property $25 
 Parked in public laneway $25 
 Parked - interfering with maintenance $25 
 Vendor stopped in excess of time limit $25 
 Improperly parked - parking lot $25 
 Improperly parked on street $25
 Parked in accessible parking zone $300
 Parked in accessible parking zone - in excess of time limit $50
 Improperly parked - one way highway - too far from edge of roadway $25
 Parked on boulevard $25
 Obstructing snow removal $25
 Obstructing highway cleaning $25
 Parked heavy vehicle overnight - residential area $25
 Parked in a commercial vehicle loading zone $25
 Parked in bus stop $25
 Unauthorized parking - attendant lot $25
 Stopped where prohibited - on or over sidewalk $30
 Stopped where prohibited - within an intersection or pedestrian crossover $30
 Stopped where prohibited - impeding flow of traffic $30
 Stopped where prohibited - alongside stopped / parked vehicle $30
 Stopped in bus stop where prohibited $30
 Stopped in school bus loading zone $30
 Stopped or parked in a 'no stopping area' $30
 Improperly parked - two way highway - more than 15 cm from curb $25
 Improperly parked - two way highway - too far from edge of roadway $25
 Parked in a fire lane $50


For additional information on parking regulations and fines, please contact the Building Permits and By-law Enforcement Department at (613) 930-2787 ext. 2225.


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