Over 40 Cornwall streets to receive improvements in 2014

March 20, 2014


Over 40 streets will be repaired or rebuilt this year as part of the City of Cornwall’s annual investment in the transportation network.

The summer roadwork season will also involve several active transportation projects including new sidewalks and the addition of bike lanes in the Cornwall Business Park to complement work undertaken last year.

All told, the City will be adding or repairing 12.5 kilometres of roadways, 1 kilometre of sidewalks and 3.7 kilometres of bike lanes.

Several dozen streets will receive work this year as part of the City’s yearly grouping of asphalt paving and concrete works projects.

This list of work (see below) includes portions of busy arteries like Pitt Street, Second Street and McConnell Avenue as well as quieter residential streets. The work is currently out to tender and it’s expected to be completed between May and the end of August.

“Through our pavement management system, we rate the condition of every street in the city, and we use this tool to help determine which streets receive improvements,” said Jamie Fawthrop, Design & Construction Engineer. “There are a number of factors to consider, such as traffic volumes and the age and condition of watermains and sewers on a particular street.”

Other road projects planned for 2014 include the reconstruction of Conliffe Avenue, Whitehead Avenue and Seventh Street East from Sydney Street to the eastern limit.

As per the City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, new bike lanes will be built this year along the road shoulders on Second Street from Anderson Drive to Boundary Road and on Boundary Road from Marleau Avenue to SCM Way. These additions will build on work done last year to add bike lanes on Boundary Road from Marleau Avenue to Gray’s Creek and Industrial Park Drive from Optimum Drive to Boundary Road.

“These additions will create better connections for cyclists between the Business Park and other parts of the city,” said Mr. Fawthrop.

The City is hosting an open house on Tuesday, March 25th at the Municipal Works office (1225 Ontario Street) for the 2014 list of asphalt paving and concrete works projects. Members of the public will be able to review and comment on the various projects that are planned. The open house will run from 9 am to 12 pm, 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm to 8 pm.

Residents who wish to review the plans and are unable to attend the open house can contact Mr. Fawthrop at (613) 930-2787 ext. 2209.

“The open house will give residents and business owners a chance to review the plans and have their questions answered before the work begins,” said Mr. Fawthrop.

2014 Asphalt Paving/Concrete Works and Road/Services Reconstruction on Various City Streets         
Asphalt Milling/Removal & Paving or Asphalt overlay
Second St. from Brookdale Ave. to Cumberland St.
McConnell Ave. from Ridgewood Dr. to Ninth St.
Pitt St. from Ninth St. to Eleventh St.
Power Dam Dr. from Grant St. to Jane St.
Holy Cross Blvd. from Glengarry Blvd. to Anthony St.
Glengarry Blvd. from Holy Cross Blvd. to Dundas Cr. S.
Riverdale Ave. from Second St. to Dover Rd.
Balmoral Ave. from Station Rd. to East Limit
Iroquois Dr. from Marleau Ave. to Haldimand Cr. S.
York St. from Water St. to Second St.
Emma Ave. from Pitt St. to Cumberland St.
Montcalm Ct. (both) from Champlain Dr. to Champlain Dr.
Haldimand Cr. from Iroquois Dr. to Iroquois Dr.
Morris St. from St. Antoine St. to North Limit
Jarvis St. from Easton St. to Walton St.
Prince Arthur St. from First St. to Montreal Rd.
St. Michel Ave. from Lemay St. to Balmoral Ave.
Alma St. from Brookdale Ave. to Alguire St.
Demontigny St. from Vincent Massey Dr. to South Limit
Augustus St. from Fourth St. to Fifth St.
Ridley Ave. from Sixth St. to 80m North
Duncan St. from Lennox St. to West Limit
Arthur St. from William St. to Montreal Rd.
Edward St. from Montreal Rd. to William St.
Lennox St. from McConnell Ave. to Albert St.
Elsie Ave. from Benny St. to 50m West of Lottie
Alfred St. from Henry St. to Fourteenth St.
Fourth St. from St. Felix St. to Guy St.
William St. from Marlborough to St. Edward St.
Albert St. from Montreal Rd. to William St.
Champlain Ave. from Lancaster St. S. to Lochiel Ave.
Adolphus St. from Tenth St. to Eleventh St.
Tollgate Rd. from Brookdale Ave. to CN Rail Spur Line

Concrete Work and Asphalt Paving
Sydney St. from Vimy St. to Thirteenth St.
Bedford St. from Twelfth St. to Anne St.
Gallinger Ave. from Fifteenth St. to Fourteenth St.
Fennel Cr. from Robert St. to Southwest Corner
Third St. from Brookdale Ave. to Cumberland St.
Guy St. from Fifth St. to St. Felix St.
Fifth St. from St. Felix St. to Guy St.
Third St. from St. Felix St. to Alice St.

Road Reconstruction   
Eleventh St. from Pitt St. to Sydney St.

New Concrete Sidewalk Construction  
Thirteenth St. from Cumberland St. to Aubin Ave.
Leonia St. from Second St. to Walton St.
McConnell Ave. from Oliver Ln. to Tenth St.

New Bikepath  
Second St. from Anderson Dr. to Boundary Rd.
Boundary Rd. from Marleau Ave. to SCM Way


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