Cornwall’s I Give A Shirt campaign a huge success

Posted on Monday October 23, 2017
I Give A Shirt

Cornwallites proved they do give a shirt – in a big way.

The City of Cornwall’s first-ever I Give A Shirt campaign was held last week to help mark Waste Reduction Week and it was a huge success. A total of 310 bags of used clothing was collected from homes across the City to benefit the Agape Centre, Salvation Army and Serendipity Boutique.

Homeowners were invited to donate their gently-used clothes by placing it in a bag with a clearly marked tag on their regular collection day. A special made the rounds to collect the donations and drop them off to the local charities.

“It really makes you proud to be a part of such a wonderful and selfless community,” said Environmental Analyst Dave Kuhn, who helped organize the initiative.

There was even a school that jumped on board with the program. Ecole Rose des Vents had their own special event at the school and the students collected 7 large bags of clothes for the cause.

“We have effectively diverted 6 full pickup truck loads of clothing from the City Landfill which is a great accomplishment in itself,” said Mr. Kuhn. “We estimate over 5,000 pounds of clothing was collected and diverted from the Landfill.”

Waste Reduction Week in Canada is a national environmental campaign that builds awareness around issues of sustainable and responsible consumption, encourages choice for more environmentally responsible products/services, and promotes actions that divert more waste from disposal and conserve natural resources.