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Leaf and Yard Waste

The City of Cornwall provides a special collection of leaf and yard waste in both the spring and fall. In 2017, the City composted 1,285 tonnes of leaf and yard waste!

Leaf and Yard Waste Collection

2018 Collection Dates

Spring Collection: April 16 - May 26
Fall Collection: September 17 - November 23

Residents are asked to place leaf and yard waste at the curb along with their regular waste on their regular collection day.

Leaf and yard waste is collected by a separate designated truck. 
Please be sure to have it at the curb by 7 am. There is no limit on volume.

Leaf and yard waste must be contained in paper bags
or reusable containers that are marked as "Leaf and Yard Waste"

Plastic bags containing leaf and yard waste will not be collected during these special pickup periods.

Outside of these special collection periods, residents are encouraged to:

- Use mulching techniques to reduce volume of leaves
- Use backyard composters
- Practice 'Grasscycling'
- Deliver leaf and yard waste (please no shrubs, large branches or brush) to the City's Compost Facility located at the City Landfill Site. Please de-bag all leaves contained in plastic bags.

The leaf and yard waste that is collected by the City is unloaded at the Landfill Site where it is turned over to create a rich compost material that is offered to residents free of charge for use in their gardens!

Halloween pumpkin / Organic decorations

Residents can set out their Halloween pumpkins and organic decorations on the same collection week. Make sure to remove the candle and any metal or plastic from the pumpkin and place it in a container with yard materials or fall leaves.

Pumpkins are heavy, so be sure the container is not over the weight limit of 27 kilograms (60 lbs)



Not sure how to dispose of a specific item? Check out our Waste Disposal Chart to find the answer.

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