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The City of Cornwall collects recyclables on a weekly basis. For residential properties, recycling is collected on the same day as garbage.


 Blue Box Ins and Outs

Don't be late

Set out garbage and recyclables at the curb after 7 pm the night before or prior to 7 am on your collection day. Never be late again or miss your garbage day! Download the Ping Street App today to remind you of what can be set out when. 

Ping Street App

Set Out Requirements: 

Set out requirements


Top 7 Blue Box No-No's

 The following items don't belong in your blue box:

1. Waste electronics: VCRs, cell phones, computers, TV, radios, etc. Go to for safe disposal options. Electronic waste is also accepted at Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days organized by the City. For more info, please click here.

2. Sharp items: needles, knives, saw blades, pizza cutters and blood glucose monitors. Sharp items should be properly packaged before proper disposal in the garbage. Needles and other biomedical wastes can be returned to your pharmacy. The Medi Drop program offers a safe place for residents to dispose of unused, unwanted or expired medication. Needle drop boxes have also been placed next to the Medi Drop box locations to provide residents with a safe way to dispose of injection needles. For more info on Medi Drop, please click here.

3. Garden hoses

4. Furnace filters

5. Wooden orange and other fruit crates

6. Used feminine products, diapers, cat litter and dog feces

7. Hazardous waste: motor oil, paint and pesticides and full or partially full aerosol cans. The City offers a series of Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days throughout the year. For more information, please click here.

Contact Us

For additional information, please call (613) 937-1777.

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