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Garbage Collection

Household garbage is collected on a weekly basis.



Putting waste out for collection 

Place your garbage at the curb after 7 pm the night before or prior to 7 am on the day of your regular collection day. Do not block walkways or place garbage in the street.

Homeowners are responsible for the garbage and blue box until collection. All uncollected material must be removed from the curbside that same day.

Garbage should be properly bagged or
placed in suitable containers:

- Bags designed for use as garbage bags: Minimum size of 60 cm x 90 cm (24 in. x 36 in.)
- Commercially manufactured garbage containers:
136 litre (30 gal.) containers, 27 kg (60 lbs.) or less
- Pails, large drums and cardboard boxes are not acceptable


Winter considerations

- Please do not place garbage or blue box materials on top of snow banks.
- Clear snow to ground level at the end of your driveway or near the curb where garbage and blue box material is to be placed for final collection.
- Do not block the sidewalk.
- During winter conditions, it is the responsibility of the householder to expose and loosen garbage or blue box material covered by snowfall and/or snow removal equipment.


Loose Wood, Trees and Brush

All stacks of branches or wood must be tied in tightly bound bundles. The bundles must never be more than
1 m (3 feet) in length or more than 1 m (3 feet) in diameter or weigh more than 27 kg (60 lbs).

Yard debris may be placed in a standard garbage bag or container, and the weight should not exceed 27 kg (60 lbs). Rather than putting yard debris out for garbage collection, residents are encouraged to compost this material.

During the spring and fall seasons, the City of Cornwall offers curbside leaf and yard waste collection periods. During these periods, the leaf and yard waste must be placed in paper bags or reusable containers for collection by a separate truck. For more information on leaf and yard waste collection, please click here.


Mattresses and boxsprings

Mattresses and boxsprings are not accepted at the curb. Residents are asked to bring them to the City of Cornwall Landfill Site (2590 Cornwall Centre Road).


Heavy Garbage Collection

The City's garbage contractor provides an "as encountered" heavy collection. Generally, this means that each resident will be allowed to put out their heavy refuse for collection on their regular collection day.

- Discarded furniture and home furnishings (except mattresses and boxsprings) will be accepted at the curb.
- Old batteries, all metals, electrical wiring, metal bathtubs and sinks are not accepted curbside however they are accepted at local scrap metal dealers. For alternative disposal methods, check out the Waste Disposal Alternatives page.
- Automobile parts are not collected at the curb.


White Goods 

White goods (scrap refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, freezers, dishwashers, hot water tanks and furnaces) are not collected via regular garbage collection. Residents should:

- When negotiating the purchase of a new appliance, negotiate the disposal of the old appliance with the vendor.
- Contact local reuse entrepreneurs or scrap metal dealers for collection/disposal of scrap white good items. For more options, check out the Waste Disposal Alternatives page.
- Deliver scrap white goods (including freon appliances) to the City Landfill Site. Tipping fee charges will apply.
- White good items may be collected by the City at a cost of $25 per unit on a once monthly basis. Collection permits must be purchased from the City Taxation Department at City Hall (360 Pitt Street).
- Doors must be removed from fridges and freezers.


Scrap Tires

Scrap tires will are not collected at the curb. Residents are encouraged to:

- Recycle old tires at the point of purchase.
- Deliver old tires to the City Landfill Site. Tipping fee charges will apply.
- Many car garages accept scrap tires. For more information, check out the Waste Disposal Alternatives page.


Other types of waste

- Hazardous Waste
- Christmas Tree Collection
- Leaf and Yard Waste

Not sure how to dispose of a specific item? Check out our Waste Disposal Chart to find the answer.


Contact Us

For additional information, please call (613) 937-1777 or HGC Management Inc. at (613) 936-6072.

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