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Water Purification & DistributionCity of Cornwall Infographic 2018

In accordance with the Ontario Drinking Water System Regulation (O.Reg. 170/03) under the Safe Drinking Water Act; the City of Cornwall continues to deliver safe, high quality drinking water to the residents and businesses of our community.  In order to ensure that we continue to do so the Cornwall Drinking Water Quality Management System (DWQMS) and policy has been created and implemented.   

 The DWQMS Policy states that the City of Cornwall is committed to:

  • Continually providing safe and clean drinking-water to City customers;
  • Legislative compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act and related regulations;
  • Establishing, maintaining, and continually improving its Drinking Water Quality Management System;
  • Acting to resolve any issues relating to drinking-water quality; and
  • Reviewing and improving its drinking-water system infrastructure.

The quality of our drinking water is continuously monitored and tested by advanced on-line instrumentation, a state-of-the-art automated control system, and is operated and maintained by qualified City staff members who have successfully completed rigorous training and testing to become certified Drinking Water Operators.

Our customers can have complete confidence in the quality of the drinking water produced by the City of Cornwall's Water Purification Plant and delivered to them through the City's Water Distribution System.

For additional information on the City of Cornwall's DWQMS you can view the Ministry of the Environment's (MOE) Drinking Water Quality Management Standard or the City of Cornwall DWQMS Operational Plan by clicking on the links below, or you can contact the City's DWQMS Representetive Dave Kuhn at 613-930-2787 ext. 2562 or e-mail him by clicking here.


Water Purification Plant & Distribution System

Cornwall's drinking water infrastructure consists of the Raw Water Intake & Zebra Mussel Control Facility located at the R.H. Saunders Power Generating Station Dam, the Water Purification Plant located at 861 Second Street West, the Boundary Road Reservoir, as well as the Elevated Storage Tank located on Tollgate Road. Over 11 million cubic metres of fresh clean water are pumped annually through over 277 kilometres of watermains to efficiently distribute the City's abundant drinking water supply.

The water is treated according to standard water purification methods using chemical assisted coagulation for flocculation and sedimentation, water filtration, chlorine and Ultra-Violet light for disinfection, and the addition of fluoride for the prevention of tooth decay. Our Dinking Water System undergoes rigorous inspections and consistently earns top ratings from the Ministry of the Environment.

For additional information on the Water Purification Plant you can contact the Plant Supervisor Owen O'keefe at telephone number 613-930-2787 ext. 2573 or you can e-mail him by clicking here.

For additional information on the Water Distribution System you can contact the Water Distribution & Wastewater Collection Supervisor Shawn O'Brien at 613-930-2787 ext. 2226.


Drinking Water Quality Reports

2017 Drinking Water Quality Report CoverAs required by the Province of Ontario's Drinking Water Protection Regulations the City of Cornwall publishes its Drinking Water Quality Reports once a year. 

These reports confirm that the City has continued to deliver safe, clean drinking water to its customers throughout the reported year.  They contain detailed descriptions of the City's water sampling parameters and list all of the City's drinking water sampling & testing results. 

The reports also contain short descriptions of the Water Purification and Distribution Systems, flow summaries and limits, and they also update readers on the status of the Drinking Water Quality Management System (DWQMS), and Residential Water Metering Programs.