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Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Photo Gallery

Below you will find an assortment of photos related to the Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade. You can click on a thumbnail to view a larger version of the image.

The project consists of a series of upgrades to the existing plant, and the main objectives of these upgrades are:

- To upgrade the treatment process to include secondary treatment. This will allow the plant to meet higher effluent targets in accordance with Provincial and Federal policies and regulations.

- To increase the plant's overall capacity. This will support future growth and development of the City and it will also assist the City in managing potential Combined Sewer Overflows.

Please check back often as this page will be updated regularly.


Aerial Photos

May 2012 

 WWTP Aerial May 2012 1 WWTP Aerial May 2012 2 WWTP Aerial May 2012 3WWTP Aerial May 2012 4 


September 2012

 WWTP Aerial Sept 2012 1 WWTP Aerial Sept 2012 2 WWTP Aerial Sept 2012 3WWTP Aerial Sept 2012 4


November 2012

 WWTP Aerial Nov 2012 1 WWTP Aerial Nov 2012 2  WWTP Aerial Nov 2012 3WWTP Aerial Nov 2012 4 


January 2013

 WWTP Aerial Jan 2013 1 WWTP Aerial Jan 2013 2  WWTP Aerial Jan 2013 3 WWTP Aerial Jan 2013 4


April 2013

 WWTP Aerial April 2013 1 WWTP Aerial April 2013 2  WWTP Aerial April 2013 3WWTP Aerial April 2013 4