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Street lights and Traffic control signals

Street lights

With over 5,000 street lights across the City of Cornwall, the municipality appreciates the help of its residents when identifying street lights that are in need of service. The City has contracted Dundas Power Line LTD. to maintain street lighting.

What types of problems can occur with street lights?

The most typical type of problem that occurs is a burned out street light. Another common problem is when lights cycle incorrectly, meaning they can either flicker or turn on and off randomly. Some of the other types of issues that come up are when lights do not shut off during the day, poles are damaged or a series of lights are not turning on.

How to report a street light outage or down pole?

If you encounter a street light that is not in proper working order or is damaged, please contact Dundas Power Line LTD:

Telephone # : 1-800-566-4165

When calling be as specific as possible about the issue and the location. Don't forget to leave your contact information so that you may be contacted if additional information is needed.

Response Times

Repairs to street lights are prioritized into 3 categories. Each has standard times by which repairs are handled:

Priority Type          Response Time and Repair Time Example 
1 - Critical Response Time: 1 hour
Repair Time: without delay 
An accident where a pole has fallen and have a high risk of causing an unsafe condition
2 - Non- Critical Response Time:  Within 24 hours 
Repair Time: Initiate repairs within 48 hours 
Three or more lights grouped together that are no longer functioning and may lead to unsafe conditions 
3 - Non-Critical Response Time: Within 5 working Days
Repair Time: Initiate repairs within 5 working days of initial response
A single light that is either cycling or burned out 


Traffic Control Signals


Black & McDonald Ltd. is responsible for the maintenance of all traffic control signal equipment within the City of Cornwall. As such, any service calls concerning knocked down traffic signal poles, burned out signals, signal timing problems, turned mast arms/signal heads, damaged or malfunctioning traffic signal equipment, underground traffic signal cable locates at traffic control signal intersections, flasher systems, etc. should be directed to this maintenance Contractor.

Reporting a problem

To let us know about problems with traffic signals, please contact at:

Telephone # : (613) 933-8764
Email address :


Additional Information