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Pothole RepairsPothole

Municipal Works closely monitors road conditions on a regular basis to ensure the safety, accessibility and longevity of city streets. Potholes are maintained year round and road maintenance is scheduled carefully to minimize traffic disruptions.

The Ontario Municipal Act sets standards for the municipal maintenance of roadways and bridges to ensure a reasonable state of repair. If a council fails to do so it is liable for damages suffered by persons because of neglect. However, municipalities are not liable if they did not know, or could not reasonably have been expected to know about the state of repair of a roadway, if they took reasonable steps to prevent a problem from occurring or if they met minimum maintenance standards set by the Minister of Transportation.

Main arterial streets such as Brookdale are inspected twice a week for potholes, while the average residential road is inspected once a month.  Municipal Works encourages citizens to report any significant potholes at anytime throughout the year. 

Reporting Potholes
Should you notice a pothole (anything one foot by one foot and three inches deep) that needs immediate attention, please contact Municipal Works at 613-932-5354 ext 5354.   

Pothole Response Time
Pothole repair is separated into categories depending on the type of street where the pothole is located.  Response times for busier streets are shorter, and the busier the street is, the smaller the pothole needs to be in order to receive attention. 

On busier streets, a smaller pothole can grow significantly in a short period of time due to the constant flow of traffic. They also pose an increased risk of causing damage to vehicles due to the high volume of traffic. 

 Below is a chart outlining response times for reported potholes:


 Class of HighwayDepth Time 
 1 (none exist within the municipality) 8 cm or 3 inches4 days 
 2 (Main arterial streets such as Brookdale Avenue and Ninth Street) 8 cm or 3 inches4 days 
 3 (Major streets such as Second Street and Sydney Street) 8 cm or 3 inches 7 days
 4 (Busier residential streets) 8 cm or 3 inches 14 days
 5 (Average residential streets) 8 cm or 3 inches 30 days