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Flood Risk Reduction

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The City of Cornwall has been making significant improvements to the community's sewer network.

The Cornwall Blueprint is a comprehensive plan to deal
with issues such as basement flooding mitigation and environmental, water and infrastructure awareness.

It serves to address two key pillars of the City's Strategic Plan - Quality of Life and Efficient Services.

Below you will find additional links and information on the Blueprint initiative and related flooding mitigation programs and initiatives.


Flood Risk Reduction Rebate Program

Cornwall City Council has approved the framework for a new flood risk reduction rebate program to provide assistance to homeowners in flooding-affected areas.

The program provides a rebate of up to $3,600.00 to homeowners for specified work on private property that reduces flooding risk.

The program encourages installation of a backwater valve on the sanitary sewer lateral.

Other program objectives include redirecting eavestrough downpipes and foundation drains (weeping tiles) from the sanitary sewer to a storm or surface outlet, which helps to reduce flow in sanitary sewers.

Sanitary sewers are typically not designed to accommodate foundation drainage and these flows are a significant contributor to sewer overloading.

Click here for more information on the Flood Risk Reduction Rebate Program


Flooding Mitigation Projects

The City of Cornwall has various projects currently underway to reduce flooding risk, some as a direct response to two heavy rain events on Sept 30, 2010 and July 8, 2013 that caused widespread basement flooding.

Many projects target reduction of storm water entering sanitary sewers to lower the possibility of overloading and surcharge, which can result in basement flooding.

The following is a list of these projects. Click on the project to find more detail;

Click here for more on the Flood Mitigation Projects

Click here to access a list of additional City Construction Projects



Dialogue and Consultation with Stakeholders

Public Information Session for the Cornwall Blueprint

Dialogue and consultation with residents and stakeholders is a key component of the Cornwall Blueprint initiative.

Through phone calls, online surveys and in-person conversations, the Infrastructure and Municipal Works Department has received input from hundreds of Cornwall homeowners. This input has assisted the Department in better understanding the 2010 and 2013 flooding events as well as the overall needs of the City's storm and sanitary sewer networks.

The Department continues to hold a series of Public Information Sessions to provide updates to the community-at-large on flood risk reduction projects that have been completed and/or planned.

See the following for past and upcoming events;

Date                            Name of Event
March 26, 2014 Public Information Session 
May 8, 2014  Annual River Symposium in partnership with St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences (SLRIES)
November 20, 2014  Water in Your World sponsored by SLRIES at Cornwall Square 
December 3, 2014  Science and Nature on Tap sponsored by SLRIES at Schnitzels 
March 11-12, 2015  Connecting Water Resources at the Ottawa Convention Centre 
April 10-12, 2015 Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce Spring Home & Leisure Show
April 22, 2015 Flooding by 1000 Drips sponsored by SLRIES at OPG Centre
May 6, 2015 Community Science Day sponsored by SLRIES at OPG Centre
June 4, 2015 RBC Bluewater Day sponsored by SLRIES at RBC Eastcourt Mall



Additional Information

For additional info on the Cornwall Blueprint intiative and related projects and measures, please contact:

John St. Marseille

Michael Fawthrop
General Manager, Infrastructure & Municipal Works Division Manager, Infrastructure Planning
(613) 930-2787 ext. 2201 (613) 930-2787 ext. 2209
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