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Design Section

Providing design services relating to municipal facilities and maintaining permanent records of those facilities are the primary functions of this Section. Municipal services must be designed to meet the needs of the community and to function efficiently for many years. To meet the challenge, this small technical group combines computer technology with sound engineering principals to economically deliver all aspects of project design, from cost estimates to final construction drawings and specifications. The Design Section also maintains various digitial mapping products, many available to the public, provides information on services available at any particular lot, and issues municipal addresses.  

Digital Mapping Products

The Engineer Division can provide to the public, for a fee, digital mapping products in AutoCad or Shape file formats.  We currently offer many layers of data, and are always updating this data as we receive new, valuable information.   


Useful Maps Available for Download


If you have any question or concerns, please contact :

Michael Fawthrop, P.Eng

Department of Infrastructure and Municipal Works, Engineering Division

613 930-2787 ext. 2209