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Construction and Approvals

The focus of this Section is threefold. Its main reason is to provide surveying and project supervision for municipal construction projects under the jurisdiction of the Department. This Section also administers all aspects of the development of new residential subdivisions, and is responsible for Right-of-Way control, which is management of requests from individuals and agencies to work on City property.

The focus has a singular theme. To ensure that public facilities are properly built and properly protected where others must work near them. In this way, the life expectancy of expensive to replace facilities will be maximized. 


The City of Cornwall, through the subdivision review process, encourages well designed, attractive subdivisions.  The Subdivision Manual, together with various by-laws and the City's official Plan, provide guidance and outlines requirements and design standards for new subdivision development.
These standards are based on considerable technical background, design approaches and experience in maintenance of urban infrastructure.  Generally, no variance is allowable for specific minimum standards.  Any variance to a specific standard would have to be approved by Council by a specific request or through approval of the Subdivision Agreement.
The document found below is in a PDF format and contains many graphics.  The size has been reduced for easy download however it may be difficult for those on dial-up or lower speed internet connections. A copy of the document can be requested and sent by mail.  


If you have any question or concerns, please contact :

Emma Barlow, P.Eng

Department of Infrastructure and Municipal Works, Engineering Division

613 930-2787 ext. 2249