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Downtown & Le Village Garbage & Recycling Collection

BIA Collection









Changes to bulky waste collection for commercial establishments


Beginning April 1st, 2015, industrial, commercial and institutional (IC&I) establishments will no longer be able to place furniture and large bulky items at the curb for collection.

These items will still be accepted at the City Landfill Site however the business/property owner would be responsible for delivery and tipping fees would apply.

Curbside collection will still be available to IC&I establishments however the materials set out must be bundled, in containers or in bags.

Bags can have a maximum size of 106 cm. by 122 cm. (42 in. by 48 in.) and weigh no more than 27k g. (60 lbs.), while containers must have two handles and a capacity no more than 136 litres (30 gal.).











The City of Cornwall provides garbage & recycling collection to businesses located within the Downtown and Le Village Business Improvement Areas (BIAs). 

The schedule is as follows:

Monday - Garbage
Wednesday - Recycling
Friday - Garbage 

Click here to download the BIA Garbage/Recycling Info Guide

Business owners are asked to follow these rules:

Place garbage at the curb between 7:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. on Mondays and/or Fridays. Please do not block the sidewalk nor place any waste on the street. 

For more information regarding your garbage collection you may contact H.G.C. Management Inc. at (613) 936-6072.

Please have all recycling, including cardboard placed at the curb on Wednesdays between 7:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.. Securely stack cardboard boxes inside one another (no larger than 3 feet in height, width and depth) before placing at the curb for final collection. Cardboard and all other recyclables are collected by H.G.C. Management Inc. at (613) 936-6072.

Leaf / Yard Waste
All leaf and yard waste must be placed in biodegradable paper bags for spring and fall pick-ups on garbage collection days (Mondays and/or Fridays).

Special Holidays
On special holidays, Monday's garbage collection and Wednesday's recycling collection will take place one day later. There is no changes to Friday's collection unless the holiday falls on the Friday (ie. Good Friday, July 1st). If so, collection will take place on Saturday.

Recycling Tips

Please include the following in your recycling containers:

Cereal, shoe, detergent and dessert type boxes. Remove any food and inner bags and flatten the boxes.

Household Paper, Newspaper, Magazines
Junk mail, letters, envelopes, notepaper, paper coffee cups, computer paper, newspaper, inserts, phone books, paper back books, magazines, catalogues and brown paper bags tucked into a boxboard box, paper or clear plastic bag. Huge quantities of the above paper may be contained in clear, commercial plastic bags. Do not include books with hard cover bindings (tear off the cover and discard; recycle the remainder of the book).

Glass Bottles and Jars
Include all rinsed glass food and beverage containers. Caps need not be removed from containers. Do not include dishes, window glass, light bulbs or mirrors.

Food and Beverage Cans/Containers
Include rinsed aluminium and steel cans. Place loose lids in the cans and pinch the tops to trap them. It is not necessary to remove labels or flatten cans. Recycle all polycoat containers such as frozen juice cans, drink boxes, gable top and tetra pak containers. Do not include metal pots or other metal products.

Metal Aerosol and Paint Cans
Empty metal aerosol and paint cans. Remove the tops of empty metal paint cans and place into your Blue Box.

Aluminum Trays and Foil
Clean rigid foil containers such as pie plates, fast food trays, etc.. Clean aluminum foil. Foil and plates should be flattened and folded together in one unit. Do not include aluminum foil with food scraps or grease. No foil with paper or plastic lamination (no takeout food lids, no butter/candy/cigarette wrapping, no yogurt lids, no metalized plastic chip bags, no blister foil). Do not stuff aluminum into other cans or containers.

Corrugated Cardboard (OCC) BIAs Only
Securely stack OCC Boxes inside one another or flatten and bundle.

Rigid Plastic Containers
Yogurt, margarine, shampoo, bleach, soft drink containers. Rinse containers and tops. Do not include foam cups or plates, film plastic.