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2016 Paving Projects

The following list of streets will receive Asphalt and/or Concrete works for 2016

Asphalt Paving and Planing

 Street From and To Map
Tollgate RoadFrom Vincent Massey Drive to CN Spur LineView map
Bellvue CrescentFrom Anthony Street to Anthony StreetView map
Lasalle RoadFrom Iroquois Drive to Alice StreetView map
Samuel PlaceFrom St. Felix Street to North LimitView map
St. Felix StreetFrom Fourth Street to Guy StreetView map 
Daly AvenueFrom Anne Street to Thirteenth StreetView map 
Brodeur StreetFrom Fatima Street to Twelfth StreetView map 
Billington DriveFrom Second Street to Concorde AvenueView map 
Alice StreetFrom Lasalle Road to Marleau AvenueView map 


Bike Path Repair Areas & LInk Improvements


 From and To Map
Power Dam DriveFrom Vincent Massey Drive to 1200m SouthView map


Concrete Work & Asphalt Paving

 Street From and To Map
Bedford StreetFrom Eleventh Street to Twelfth StreetView map
Daly AvenueFrom 90m North of Eleventh Street to Anne StreetView map


Sidewalk Construction

 Street From and To Map 
St. Felix StreetFrom Fifth Street to Guy StreetView map
Guy StreetFrom St. Felix Street to Lasalle RoadView map 
Lasalle RoadFrom Guy Street to Alice StreetView map 
Alice StreetFrom Lasalle Road to Marleau AvenueView map
Marleau AvenueFrom Lochiel Street to Nick Kaneb DriveView map


Asphalt Road Widening (Paved Shoulders)

 Street From and To Map
Tollgate Road WestFrom CN Rail Spur Line to Vincent Massey Drive View map


Parking Lot Improvements

Firehall #110 Fourth Street WestView map
Firehall #21351 Second Street EastView map
Optimist Park301 Sunnyside AvenueView map


Waste Water Treatment Plant Improvements

Waste Water Treatment Plant2800 Montreal RoadView map


Landfill Sitre Improvements

Landfill Site2590 Cornwall Centre RoadView map


Bicycle Path Paving

 Street From and To Map
Boals DrainFrom Benny Street to 320m West View map


Full Depth Reclamation

 Street From and To Map
Cornwall Centre RoadFrom Power Dam Drive to 401 Overpass View map


If you have any question or concerns, please contact :

Michael Fawthrop, P.Eng

Department of Infrastructure and Municipal Works Engineering Division 1225 Ontario Street 613 930-2787 ext. 2209