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2015 Paving Projects

The following list of streets will receive Asphalt and/or Concrete works for 2015

Street From and To Map

Montreal Road

405m east of Danis to 270m east

View map

Montreal Road

Boundary Road to 180m west View map

Montreal Road

Danis Avenue to St. Felix Street View map
Third Street Pitt Street to York Street View map
Queen Street Wallrich Avenue to Hoople Avenue View map
Queen Street Riverdale Avenue to Robertson Avenue View map
Lefrebvre Avenue First Street to Second Street View map
Milleville Avenue First Street to Second Street View map
Fraser Avenue Leitch Drive to Lynn Street View map
McConnell Avenue North CNR Overpass to South 401 Overpass View map
Justice Building Parking Lot   View map
Cedar Rapids Bike Path   View map
Meadwovale Bike Path   View map
Waterfront Rest Areas Waterfront Portion of the Walking Tour View map


If you have any question or concerns, please contact :

Emma Barlow, P.Eng

Department of Infrastructure and Municipal Works, Infrastructure Planning Division

613 930-2787 ext. 2249