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2014 Paving Projects

The following list of streets will receive Asphalt and/or Concrete works for 2014

Asphalt Milling / Removal and Paving or Asphalt Overlay

 Street  From and To  Map

 Second Street

 From Brookdale Avenue to Cumberland Street View map
 McConnell Avenue  From Ridgewood Drive to Ninth Street View map
 Pitt Street  From Ninth Street to Eleventh Street  View map
 Powerdam Drive  From Grant Street to Jane Street View map
 Holy Cross Boulevard  From Glengarry Boulevard to Anthony Street View map 
 Glengarry Boulevard  From Holy Cross Boulevard to Dundas Crescent South  View map 
 Riverdale Avenue  From Second Street to Dover Road  View map 
 Balmoral Avenue  From Station Road to East Limit  View map 
 Iroquois Drive  From Marleau Avenue to Haldimand Crescent South  View map 
 York Street  From Water Street to Second Street  View map 
 Emma Avenue  From Pitt Street to Cumberland Street  View map
 Montcalm Court (Both)  From Champlain Drive to Champlain Drive View map 
 Haldimand Crescent   From Iroquois Drive to Iroquois Drive  View map
 Morris Street   From St. Antoine Street to North Limit  View map
 Jarvis Street   From Easton Street to Walton Street  View map
 Prince Arthur Street   From First Street to Montreal Road  View map
 St. Michel Avenue   From Lemay Street to Balmoral Avenue  View map
 Alma Street   From Brookdale Avenue to Alguire Street  View map
 Demontigny Street   From Vincent Massey Drive to South Limit  View map
 Augustus Street   From Fourth Street to Fifth Street  View map
 Ridley Avenue  From Sixth to 80m North  View map
 Duncan Street  From Lennox Street to Montreal Road  View map
 Arthur Street   From William Street to Montreal Road View map
 Edward Street   From Montreal Road to William Street  View map
 Lennox Street  From McConnell Avenue to Albert Street  View map
 Elsie Avenue

 From Benny Street to 50m West of Lottie

View map
 Alfred Street  From Henry Street to Fourteenth Street  View map
 Fourth Street  From St. Felix Street to Guy Street  View map
 William Street  From Marlborough Street to Edward Street View map
 Albert Street  From Montreal Road to William Street View map
 Champlain Avenue  From Lancaster Street South to Lochiel Avenue View map
 Adolphus Street  From Tenth Street to Eleventh Street View map
 Tollgate Road  From Brookdale Avenue to CN Rail Spur Line View map


Concrete Work and Asphalt Paving

 Street  From and To  Map
 Sydney Street  From Vimy Street to Thirteenth Street View map
 Bedford Street   From Twelfth Street to Anne Street  View map
 Gallinger Avenue   From Fifteenth Street to Fourteenth Street  View map 
 Fennel Crescent   From Robert Street to South West Corner  View map 
 Third Street   From Brookdale Avenue to Cumberland Street  View map 
 Guy Street   From Fifth Street to St. Felix Street  View map 
 Fifth Street   From St. Felix Street to Guy Street View map 
 Third Street   From St. Felix Street to Alice Street  View map 


Road Reconstruction

 Street  From and To  Map
 Eleventh Street  From Pitt Street to Sydney Street  View map


New Concrete Sidewalk Construction

 Street  From and To  Map 
 Thirteenth Street  From Cumberland Street to Aubin Avenue  View map
 Leonia Street   From Second Street to Walton Street  View map 
 McConnell Avenue   From Oliver Lane to Tenth Street  View map 


New Bikepath and Bikepath Repair

 Street  From and To  Map
 Second Street  From Anderson Drive to Boundary Road  View map
 Boundary Road   From Marleau Avenue to SCM Way  View map 


If you have any question or concerns, please contact :

Emma Barlow, P.Eng

Department of Infrastructure and Municipal Works, Infrastructure Planning Division

613 930-2787 ext. 2249