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2013 Paving Projects

The following list of streets will receive Asphalt and/or Concrete works commencing on April 30th with a Completion date of August 31st.

Asphalt Milling / Removal and Paving or Asphalt Overlay

StreetFrom and ToMap
Cumberland StreetFrom Second Street to Fifth StreetView map
Montreal RoadFrom Dunbar Avenue to Danis AvenueView map
McConnell AvenueFrom Ninth Street to Tenth StreetView map
Adolphus StreetFirst Street to Second StreetView map
Ridgewood DriveMcConnell Avenue to Marlborough StreetView map
Wallrich AvenueFrom Leonard Avenue to Queen StreetView map
Iroquois DriveFrom St. Felix Street to Haldimand CrescentView map
Wallrich AvenueFrom Queen Street to North LimitsView map
First Street EastFrom Alice Street to McConnell AvenueView map
Eleventh Street EastFrom Adolphus Street to Paul StreetView map
St. Felix StreetFrom Third Street to Second StreetView map
Industrial Park DriveFrom 550m West of Optimum Drive to Bondary RoadView map
Dundee AvenueFrom Briarhill Avenue to Dewhurst AvenueView map
Lascelle AvenueFrom South Limit to Sunnyside AvenueView map
Nelson StreetFrom Reneal Street to Sunnyside AvenueView map
Sunnyside AvenueFrom Pitt Street to St. Michel AvenueView map
Robertson AvenueFrom Queen Street to Princess StreetView map
Valecrest DriveFrom Ridgewood Drive to Ridgewood DriveView map
Colbrook CourtFrom Valecrest Drive to North LimitView map
Dover RoadFrom Leonard Avenue to Queen StreetView map
John StreetFrom Bergin Avenue to Marlborough StreetView map
Munro AvenueFrom Third Street to Fourth StreetView map
Danis AvenueFrom Second Street to Third StreetView map
Brock StreetFrom Athlone Drive to Eleventh StreetView map
Princess StreetFrom Susan Avenue to Robertson AvenueView map
Vimy AvenueFrom Sydney Street to Brock StreetView map

Concrete Work and Asphalt Paving

StreetFrom and ToMap
Augustus StreetFrom Water Street to Second StreetView map
McConnell AvenueFrom Fifth Street to Ridgewood DriveView map
First Street EastFrom Carleton Street to East LimitsView map
Aubin AvenueFrom Thirteenth Street to Fourteenth StreetView map
Gloucester StreetFrom Sixth Street to Seventh StreetView map

New Concrete Sidewalk Construction

StreetFrom and ToMap
Sydney StreetFrom Tenth Street to Thirteenth StreetView map
Tollgate RoadFrom Brookdale Avenue to Emma AvenueView map
Joyce StreetFrom Riverdale Avenue to Surgenor StreetView map
Surgenor StreetFrom Charles Street to Joyce StreetView map

New Bikepath and Bikepath Repair

StreetFrom and ToMap
Boundary RoadFrom Marleau Avenue to Grey's CreekView map
Industrial Park DriveFrom 550m West of Optimum to Boundary RaodView map
Tenth StreetFrom Marlborough Street to McConnell AvenueView map
East Ridge Subdivision BikepathFrom 180m West of Boundary Road to Boundary RoadView map
Marlborough StreetFrom Ninth Street to Tenth StreetView map
Former CP Rail CorridorFrom Adolphus Street to Pacific AvenueView map
Vincent Massey DriveFrom Power Dam Drive to 300m WestView map
Power Dam DriveFrom 1500 Power Dam Drive to 750m SouthView map


If you have any question or concerns, please contact :

Michael Fawthrop

Department of Infrastructure and Municipal Works
Engineering Division
1225 Ontario Street
613 930-2787 ext. 2209