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2011 Paving Projects

 Asphalt Milling / Removal and Paving or Asphalt Overlay

StreetFrom and To Map
Laflin StreetFrom Alguire Avenue to 90m West of Donald Avenue  View map
Oran Avenue From Laflin Avenue to Vincent Massey Drive View map
 Fourteenth Street WestFrom Alfred Street to 120m East of Alfred Street  View map
 Lisieux StreetFrom Thirteenth Street West to Fifteenth Street West View map
Yates Avenue From Third Street West to Fourth Street West View map
Eva Avenue From Emma Avenue to Benny AvenueView map
Lee Street From Newark Avenue to Thirteenth Street View map
Adolphus Street From Water Street to First Street View map
 Adolphus StreetFrom Second to Third Street View map
Gerald Street From St. Antoine Street to South Limits  View map
Marleau Avenue From Nick Kaneb Drive to Campbell Street View map
Eleventh Street East From McConnell Avenue to Carleton Street View map
Princess Street From Pescod Avenue to Westmooreland Avenue View map

Concrete Work and Asphalt Paving

 Street From and To  Map 
 Grant Avenue From Riverdale to East Limit View map
 Bedford Street From Second Street West to Third Street View map
 Joyce Street  From Oak Crescent to Riverdale AvenueView map
Oak Crescent From Charles Street to Joyce Street View map
Pescod Avenue From Queen Street to Dover Road View map
Fatima Street From Twelfth Street West to Thirtheenth Street West View map
Notre Dame Street From Twelfth Street West to Thirteenth Street West View map
 Ellen AvenueFrom Benny Avenue to 250m West of Benny Avenue View map
Newark Avenue From Thirteenth Street West to Fourteenth Street West View map
Fourteenth Street West From Newark Avenue to Aubin Avenue View map
Kirkwood Street From Lynwood Drive  North to Lynwood Drive SouthView map
Holy Cross Boulevard From Anthony Street to Hamilton Crescent View map
Second Street West From Brookdale Avenue to the Water Filtration Plant View map
Fennell Crescent From 50m North of Robert Street to 40m North of Twelfth Street View map
Shirley Avenue From Osbourne Avenue to Queen Street View map

New Concrete Sidewalk Construction

 Street From and To Map 
 Thirteenth Street West From Brookdale Avenue to Cumberland Street  View map
 Lasalle Road  From Alice Street to Guy Street View map
 Guy Street  From Lasalle Road to St. Felix Street  View map


Michael Fawthrop

Department of Infrastructure and Municipal Works
Engineering Division
1225 Ontario Street
613 930-2787 ext. 2209