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Cornwall Fire is proud to host a female Firefighters in training day on November 18, 2017, starting at 9:00am at the Fire Station, 10 Fourth Street West, Cornwall Ontario.

The day will include a Q&A with department management as well as others within the industry, and the opportunity to complete the Canadian Forces Fire Marshal's Firefighters fitness evaluation. Participants will also have the opportunity to go through the acrophobia test, which consists of climbing a 100 foot aerial ladder, and the claustrophia test, which requires participants to don a blacked-out face piece and find and properly assemble hardware within a specific time frame. There will also be firefighter simulation activities aimed at demonstrating what Firefighting is all about.

The cost will be $35.00 cash per person to participate, and will include a t-shirt and lunch. Payment will be collected upon arrival at the Fire Station.

Attire must be a T-shirt or long sleeve shirt, long pants and approved safety footwear.

Protective equipment shall be provided and worn during the claustrophibia test and shall consist of a SCBA face piece, helmet and leather firefighting gloves.

To register, please send your proof of age (drivers license) to

For more information, please review the Pre-Entry Evalutation Operations Manual.