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The Glen Stor Dun Lodge Foundation 

We recognize that each life is precious and unique.  Each life requires caring to mature, and each life endeavours to create this extraordinary world through ordinary living.  We take pride in our achievements, in building a family, a career, a community, a nation.  After it all, regardless of the successes or failures, each life will come to an end.

As one nears the end of life, he or she is at a most vulnerable point.  The loss of independence jeopardizes an individual's dignity.  The loss of many loved ones leaves a Senior lonely, often with little support.  Pain and anguish threaten faith, casting shadows of doubt and creating fear.

However, end-of-life does not mean end-of-living.  It is an intense time for reflection, for loving, for giving.  It is a time to celebrate life.  It is a time for spiritual growth.

We are committed to ensuring that Residents will be supported during this time.  As care needs increase, we will endeavour to to do the following:

  • exercise the best practices in pain and symptom management
  • provide comfort measures
  • give complementary and/or therapeutic interventions
  • volunteer companionship
  • support family and loved ones
  • offer spiritual counselling
  • supplement Palliative Care sitter service

Our commitment is to ensure that the experience of dying is as full as the experience of living, and that none of our Residents will go through this time alone.


The Glen Stor Dun Lodge Foundation focuses on geriatric end-of-life care in an environment that will meet a Seniors' need for independence, choice, dignity, and privacy. 

Philosophy Statement

The Foundation believes in the best practices in geriatric end-of-life care by supporting the purchase of equipment, providing sitter services, acquiring necessary consultative services, and promoting education of professional and non-professional staff.  The Foundation believes in providing care and services to Seniors in an environment that reflects our mission.  Funds are raised for capital purposes, special projects, and other activities related to the care and comfort of Residents.  

The Foundation was established to ensure our vision for end-of-life and Palliative Care is realized through the financial support of sponsors and donors.  It is our goal, as we head towards our 100th year of service in 2013, that we will have generated a foundation with a net worth 
of $100 000.  We hope, as we celebrate our Centennial Anniversary, we will become financially independent in the provision of the best end-of-life and Palliative Care.

The Foundation's Management

It is the responsibility of the Board of the Foundation to ensure that the mission and philosophy is upheld by reviewing all requests for funds. It is understood that no funds will be used for day-to-day operating expenses at the Lodge. The Foundation Board will also oversee all investments of donated funds.

The Foundation's mission is fulfilled through careful management of the funds under its control, including capital campaigns, annual and planned giving, bequests, and other fundraising activities.

Why Donate

Donations are encouraged to help uphold the Lodge Resident Council Pledge that no Resident of the Lodge will ever die alone.  The Residents have upheld this pledge since 1996.

Ways of Giving

Donations can be sent by mail or hand-delivered to the following address:

Glen Stor Dun Lodge
1900 Montreal Road
Cornwall, Ontario
K6H 7L1

There are several ways of contributing to the Glen Stor Dun Lodge Foundation. You may wish to consider the following options:


Cash/Cheque Donations
A printable donor form (PDF) is available online, and should be included with cash/cheque donations to the Lodge.  Forms are also available from the receptionist at the Lodge.  Charitable receipts will be issued upon receipt of any donations received in person, at the Bank, or by mail.  Cheques should be made payable to Glen Stor Dun Lodge (memo: Foundation).

Special Events
We are planning for future fundraising events and do hope for your continued support.

Memorial Donations
One way to pay tribute to honour a special person or a loved one who has passed is by making a Memorial Donation to the Foundation.  Memorial Donation forms are displayed at our front entrance and are also available at the reception desk.  An online fillable form to request further information is available as well.

Gift Planning
In addition to one-time donations, you can contribute to the Glen Stor Dun Lodge Foundation now and in the future through a variety of planned giving options.

You may choose to donate outright gifts or contribute through deferred gifts.

Outright gifts include cash donations or gifts-in-kind.  Some examples of gifts-in-kind are real estate, works of art, securities, residual interests, etc.  

Deferred gifts are planned or promised today, though will be collected at a given time in the future.   These includes bequests, gifts-in-kind (see above), insurance policies, annuities, residual interests and memorials.

Planned gifts benefit both the donor and the Foundation. The advantages to the donor include tax benefits, recognition, and the satisfaction in knowing that you are helping to establish a legacy for care of the dying.  Your planned gifts also ensure a reliable and steady flow of income that allows us to make calculated investments with the best return.  

Printable Donation Information Form

Click the link below to open a printable form for making cash/cheque donations to Glen Stor Dun Lodge and the Glen Stor Dun Lodge Foundation.

Click here to download the Donation Information form

 (Please note: your computer will require the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in to be installed in order to view and print this form.  If you do not have this program, it is available for free from Adobe.)

For further information regarding donations, fundraising projects, or the Foundation at Glen Stor Dun Lodge, please contact:

Norm Quenneville, Administrator
Glen Stor Dun Lodge
1900 Montreal Road
Cornwall, Ontario, K6H 7L1
Tel: (613) 933-3384
Fax: (613) 933-7214