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Council of Family and Friends 


The Council of Family & Friends is an organized, self-led, self-determining democratic group composed of family and friends of the residents of Glen Stor Dun Lodge.  


"Our mission is to contribute to making Glen Stor Dun Lodge a wonderful place in which to live, to visit, and to work, where reisdents, caregivers, volutneers and staff are truly "family", thorugh enhancing communication moral support, respect and recognition."  

What is the Council's Role?  

  • To support the work of the Residents' Council (while remaining separate from it)
  • To demonstrate its support by:
    • Listening to concers
    • Acting on issues
    • Informing and education
    • Sharing ideas
  • To give families a channel thorugh which to express ideas and concerns about resident quality of life as well as the needs of family and friends
  • To bring about positive change
  • To serve as a support group and a liaison between residents, families, friends, volunteers and staff

Council of Family & Friends Executive Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month.

Council of Family & Friends


Chair:   Henry Kyte
4th Floor Representative

Denise Symington,

Margaret Gordon

3rd Floor Representative  Bernie Thauvette 
2nd Floor Representative

Carol Paschek,

Monica Aquan-Yuen 

Staff Representative Tracey Delage
Staff Representative  Alisha Arbuthnot